Smart Alarms products

Airborne DC Alarm Transmitter

Airborne DC

Airborne DC is a small and versatile alarm transmitter with…

Airborne DC Dual Alarm transmitter

Airborne DC Dual

Two communication routes and multiple connection interfaces. For installation in…

Airborne DC 8 Alarm transmitter

Airborne DC8

Alarm transmitter with 8 inputs for installation in a control…

IRIS-4 160

Innovative terminal designed for the residential sector.

IRIS-4 2 Series

IRIS-4 2 Series

The IRIS-4 2 series is designed for commercial installations. Enclosed…

IRIS-4 4 Series

IRIS-4 4 Series

The new IRIS-4 4 Series is suitable for use in…

IRIS-4 6

IRIS-4 6 Series

The new IRIS-4 6 Series offers a cost-effective way to…


Terminal with router function for monitored alarm and data transmission.…

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