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We apply our IoT expertise through IoT connectivity solutions with a focus on secure critical communications and secure data. This is the key common feature across all our offerings.

IoT Connectivity – secure and reliable connectivity solutions for your IoT projects  

We apply our IoT expertise through IoT connectivity solutions with a focus on secure critical communications and secure data.

AddSecure has “easy to use” IoT connectivity solutions when it’s time to start connecting and collecting data and to orchestrate your cellular IoT devices and VPNs.

By connecting the company, the foundation is built for efficiencies, sustainability and control and where decisions can be made without unnecessary travel. Our solutions are not only easy to use but also always safe and secure!

Our customers’ IoT use cases divided by segment

Smart cities

Our customers have connected thousands of digital information signs, door locks, charging posts for electric cars and, among other things, ticket and parking systems.


We have various solutions in operation that help our customers with data collection for analysis but also monitoring control and remote service.

Health care

Safety and availability are a must for connected ambulances for the transfer of medical patient data, but also for personal alarms and other care equipment.

Environmental control

To be climate-smart, our customers manage climate data in buildings, such as churches and industrial premises, and use our remote service solutions to minimize transports.


Our IoT services also support our customers to design and deliver Security as a Service, such as video surveillance, access control and intruder alarm monitoring.

Power grids

Monitoring and controlling solar power plants, wind turbines and power distribution grids are other use cases where our secure solution is used.

We can offer cellular IoT Connectivity to your projects, regardless if you need SIM cards locally or have customers worldwide.

IoT at your fingertips

Quick integration of your IoT business

High automation level

Operator independent

User-friendly SIM and VPN management

Full scalability and ability to grow with your needs

Minimum time for device administration

No need for IT expertise and maximized ease of use

Shutdown of the 2G and 3G networks

The 2G and 3G networks across Europe are being shut down and replaced by 4G and 5G. Secure your communications in time and make sure your security and alarms systems will keep functioning.

The IoT connectivity platform

Connecting and managing a single IoT device over the internet is rather simple today. However, businesses face increasing complexity in IoT with a growing number of connected devices and increased need for secure and reliable connections. Orchestrating a large number of devices is a complex task without the right tools, and ensuring security further adds to the complexity.



Our IoT connectivity platform is a reliable and flexible cellular and VPN connectivity solution, which delivers secure IoT and ease-of-use through user-friendly device and connectivity management. It is designed for customers and IoT system integrators, who have a lot of 4G, LTE-M and Narrowband devices enabling efficient collection and analysis of sensor data.

The IoT connectivity is provided with a complete infrastructure for management of SIM cards, data traffic, and remote access and access control. The user interfaces are intuitive and utilize a high level of automation, limiting the risk of human errors and thereby increasing security in the deployed situations.

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Protect your time


When dependent on

  • External IT consultants or supplier-controlled systems
  • Users are bound to regular opening hours and can face longer lead times when performing changes, activating subscriptions etc.
  • 30-60 days to build and setup a secure IoT environment


  • Use SIM and VPN self administration
  • On demand activation of subscriptions, anytime and anywhere


  • Enable and minimize time of administration of subscriptions, accesses and network
  • Easy to use with no (or low) requirement for IT skills

Protect your brand


  • IoT security is tied to company reputation and can have catastrophic impact on brand and revenue
  • Loss of information through hacking unauthorized access
  • Compromised information
  • Ransomware and hijacked units


  • All communication is automatically secured
  • All access to internet or users is controlled and monitored
  • External resources cannot identify or reach devices within the network without proper access


  • Integrated SIM and VPN system that (unlike other solutions) is always completely secure
  • Automation maintaining the highest level of security

Protect your freedom


When dependent on

  • Using security cloud and mobile service and to be “locked in”
  • Security consultants
  • Long agreements with providers


  • Subscription with self-service
  •  Full control of and access to configuration data


  • Subscription without fixed contract period
  • No grace period and only one month notice period (trust builds relationships, not long agreements)
  • All configuration information easily accessible

Internet of Things: E-dictionary with relevant words and phrases

Download our dictionary and get an overview of the most relevant terms within IoT.


A complete, reliable, and flexible IoT connectivity solution suitable for connecting and managing a larger number of devices in a secure and easy way.

Our secure plug-and-play IoT solution is suitable if you want to get started quickly.

Why secure IoT communications and secure data is so important

Secure IoT connectivity solutions are vital for our customers’ life- and business critical operations. They will help you save lives, protect property and vital public services, and drive your business operations.

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