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How AddSecure Link can strengthen & secure your connectivity

IoT & se..If you have a large number of connected devices, a centralised system where you have an overview and total control of all your devices can make the day-to-day management much simpler and secure. With the AddSecure Link IoT connectivity solution, it is easy to scale up or down, and you can administer it yourself. Therefore, […]

AddSecure Link

A complete, reliable and flexible IoT connectivity solution, which you can administer yourself. Suitable if you want to connect and manage a larger number of devices in a secure and…

AddSecure Link Go

Do you need to connect a limited number of remote devices through the mobile network but are worried about security, cost, and time-consuming administration?

AddSecure Connect IoT

Connect IoT provides an easy-to-use secure communication service for monitoring and remote access.

Why use AddSecure Smart Grids to digitize your power grid?

IoT & se..Whether you’ve already decided to upgrade your power grid, or if you’re waiting until it’s inevitable, it’s going digital at one point or another. Of course, this is not a decision to be taken lightly, as the grid probably spans a pretty vast geographical area, which necessitates a pretty serious investment. However – our Smart […]