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Document Management service for electronic document sharing

Transport &a..There is currently a global drive towards digitalization in the transport sector that is propelling companies to cut out paper documents in favor of digital solutions. By automating complete work processes, digital solutions make transport safer and smarter, reduce the risk of human error, and enable companies to store all their documents in once central […]

2020-Q3-EN-Smart Alarms-Honeywell

This joint solution of Honeywell MAXPRO Intrusion connected thru AddSecure Inside provides customers across Europe with an all-in-one, grade 3 alarm transmission and communications solution, offering enhanced secure critical communications…

Service Activator App

The Service Activator App enables installers to activate and deploy communications services from AddSecure. Swiftly scan barcodes and QR codes to safely activate Link SIM cards for immediate use.

Co-Driver Weboffice

Let your office team collaborate efficiently with the drivers through Co-Driver Weboffice, our user-friendly back-office application for Fleet Management.


Roadbox gathers vehicle information to make it available for drivers and Transport Management.