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Intruder Alarm Services

Protect your property from unauthorized access. Our secure intruder alarm services are continuously monitored, and you will receive instant notification when critical events occur. Available in all certification classes.

Secure intruder alarms via the cellular network

Fast and secure alarm transmission is crucial for all types of intruder alarms. Our alarms and services ensure that you have full control whether you are protecting a home, an office or a bank.

Increase your safety standard to protect your most valuable assets

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Secure communication

Our terminals and services establish secure communications that you can always rely on. Critical alarms are sent within a few seconds to your alarm recipient, to be dealt with  quickly. The services monitor communications between your alarm system and the selected alarm recipient all day long and warn of system changes immediately.

Remote services and increased security

As well as our alarm services, we can make life even more secure for you and your customers with our additional services. These give you greater flexibility in monitoring and controlling your alarm systems and error messages. Remote service enables troubleshooting and access to external equipment. Read more about AddView and Remote Service.

AddSecure AddView

The web and mobile-based service AddView provides you with information enabling you to quickly determine if your systems are working properly. You get a complete overview of all activity in your company’s secured premises.