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Connected fleet management for your mobile workforce

Our solutions bring transparency of your mobile resources because they make it possible to determine stops and routes, time spent on every stop and the driving behavior.

Companies with a mobile workforce are generally dependent on an extensive fleet of vehicles.

In addition to keeping track of the driven mileage (company or private trips), companies with mobile resources need to gather information about working hours at different sites and at the same time distribute work assignments digitally. Our solutions bring transparency of your mobile resources because they make it possible to determine stops and routes, time spent on every stop and the driving behavior. This enables you to simplify your invoicing and to flexibly adapt the scheduling of the resources to the current order situation, the traffic situation and other factors.

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The benefits of a connected fleet management platform for the mobile workforce

Increased efficiency

Optimise planning, enhance customer service levels and keep a check on your fuel spend with live, minute-by-minute vehicle location, status and performance updates.

Accurate data from the field

Get mileage, stops, working time data and other KPIs automatically gathered & compiled

Improved safety

Identify dangerous driving habits and offer personalised feedback for those drivers most at-risk.

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Take Your Mobile Workforce To The Next Level

Transform your mobile workforce with the power of live vehicle and driver status updates. Dispatch more effectively, boost customer service and realise greater productivity with real-time vehicle tracking.

Vehicle Tracking

Boost Your Bottom Line

When fuel is the bread and butter of your business, ensuring you get the most out of every single drop is key to your bottom line. Effectively identify unnecessary fuel usage and bad driving habits, such as excessive idling and poor throttle usage, with our market-leading Driving Performance module.

Start and stop reporting

At the same time, you receive important driver and vehicle data in the form of start- and stop reports and electronic driver‘s logs, which can be used for monitoring and reporting. In addition, various alarm events can be defined – when specific events occur, the system will immediately notify you by e-mail, SMS or phone call. This effectively prevents misuse, and working hours and breaks are automatically documented. The latter also makes a lasting contribution to employee satisfaction.

Start and stop reporting
screen shot of vehicle camera system dashboard

Protect your workforce

It’s never been easier to ensure the safety of your drivers with our range of tools to monitor, investigate and reduce fleet accidents. From detailed driver behaviour reports to our range of high definition vehicle camera systems, quickly identify those drivers most at risk and implement effective retraining program with bespoke feedback.

AddSecure RoadView Dashcam

The Verilocation system has enabled us to make significant fleet efficiency improvements based on the accurate data derived from the CANbus monitoring technology. The FMS league table and fuel analysis reports show us which drivers are consistently performing below the fleet average and have proven invaluable for driver training.

Ian Owen, Operations Director For Owens Road Services

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