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Alarm signalling

Our alarm signalling offering provides secure and reliable transmission signal monitoring (TSM) solutions between alarm systems and alarm receiving centers (ARCs) to protect lives, homes, businesses, and assets.

Ensure your alarm safely reaches the right recipients – every time!

Secure and monitored communications is an integral part of every alarm system. And of a safer and smarter society. Our alarm signalling solutions ensure your alarms safely reach the right recipients – every time.

When the fire alarm goes off it must reach the recipient – every time – and be checked around the clock.

Protect your property from unauthorized access with continuously monitored alarms and instant notifications.

Secure your elevator alarms with our continuously monitored alarm services and voice transmission technology.

Monitor and remotely control your connected devices while reducing costs and saving time.

An integrated IP alarm solution designed to work with your existing systems.

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Secure, reliable, and proven IoT connectivity solutions

Our alarm signalling solutions combine secure IoT connectivity platforms, software and services tailored to meet your needs. To help you protect lives, homes, businesses, and assets, we provide you with reliable and secure IoT solutions for monitored alarm transmissions, ensuring a clear communication path from incident to response. Our services are monitored 24/7. With our solutions you get the best protective standard, ensure compliance, and achieve recommended best practice.

Our expertise

Our expertise lies in providing fully reliable transmission signal monitoring for alarms, meeting requirements to monitor alarm signals with the highest level of security requirements.

Shutdown of the 2G and 3G network

The 2G and 3G networks across Europe are being shut down and replaced by 4G and 5G. Secure your communications in time and make sure your security and alarms systems will keep functioning.

The importance of secure IoT communications and safe data

Secure IoT connectivity solutions are vital for our alarm customers’ life- and business critical operations. They will help you save lives, protect property and vital public services, and drive your business operations.

How Ullensaker municipality achieved full control with AddView

"The solution we adopted was very well received by the operations department!" Bård Lindh, Head of Technical Department