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Express and Courier Services

Run a safer and more efficient fleet for express and courier services with the industry’s leading connected fleet management platform.

Courier, Express and Parcel services (CEP) depend on fast and punctual deliveries.

Accordingly, dispatching must be very precise, and the dispatcher must be always informed where the transporters are located. Because only with comprehensive monitoring is it possible to quickly react to changes in orders. New environmental regulations change the game for express services and last mile deliveries. The shift to emission free distribution drives the transformation to electric vehicles, making successful route optimization based on reliable range estimations a key for success. Thanks to our tracking in real-time, you are always informed about where the vehicles and the goods are. If necessary, new destinations can be set and routes adjusted instantly. Access to vehicle data enables smart calculations of the range for EVs. Together with our user-friendly order handling modules, our solutions not only offer ideal conditions for monitoring, but also facilitate dispatching and communication with field staff.

The benefits of a fleet management platform for Express and Courier services

Increased efficiency

Optimise planning, enhance customer service levels and keep a check on your fuel spend with live, minute-by-minute vehicle location, status and performance updates.

Streamlined compliance

Simplify compliance with our industry-leading Remote Tachograph Download solution and user-friendly Maintenance Module.

Improved safety

Identify dangerous driving habits and offer personalised feedback for those drivers most at-risk.

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Order - and mission Management

Ensure that your drivers and last mile deliveries have up-to-date info about their missions and to get complete data for smooth billing.

  • Route planning and optimization

  • Connected drivers who have access to their assignments digitally

  • Status updates and changes in real time

  • eCMR (electronic consignment note)

  • Integrated document management system

Vehicle tracking map

Vehicle and goods tracking

Complete visibility of your entire fleet and goods with real time tracking of your distribution and last mile deliveries.

  • Real time fleet and goods tracking

  • Traffic information displayed for optimal routes

  • Smart search functions to easily find the mobile assets to be reviewed

  • The display is updated automatically (no refresh needed)

Van with Temperature monitoring

Temperature Monitoring of your last mile deliveries

Ensure your temperature sensitive goods are maintained and delivered within the correct conditions with our fully integrated temperature monitoring and vehicle telematics solution.

  • Real-time temperature monitoring visible both for the driver and the office team

  • Integration to most reefers/loggers

  • Certified or non-certified solution

  • Use of independent sensors (wired or wireless) or data from the reefer

  • Printed temp logs (Transcan)


Generate automatic reports and share insights with your colleagues.

  • Comprehensive and meaningful reports

  • Available in PDF or Excel format

  • Generated automatically daily, weekly or monthly

  • Generated reports are automatically forwarded according to the respective default settings

Boost Your Bottom Line

When fuel is the bread and butter of your business, ensuring you get the most out of every single drop is key to your bottom line. Effectively identify unnecessary fuel usage and bad driving habits, such as excessive idling and poor throttle usage, with our market-leading Driving Performance module.

Our open ended APIs make syncing your routing and scheduling tools a breeze. Get in touch with our IT support team today to find out more.

Integration With Ease

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The Verilocation system has enabled us to make significant fleet efficiency improvements based on the accurate data derived from the CANbus monitoring technology. The FMS league table and fuel analysis reports show us which drivers are consistently performing below the fleet average and have proven invaluable for driver training.

Ian Owen, Operations Director For Owens Road Services

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