We contribute to a safer society by securing critical communication.

Access Control to buildings

Remote connection to access control system enables user administration, door and lock administration and remote service by managers. Easy and secure.

Video surveillance

Connected cameras enables remote access to video and camera functions. Streaming video and picture management.

Temperature control for retail cooling units

Connected sensors transmits alarms in case of temperatures rising outside specified levels. Collection of statistical data over time to analyze performance and decide on preventive maintenance. Enables operators to quickly handle problems before they arise.

Connected Buildings

Connected elevators insures safety and security through the use of camera surveillance and continuous monitoring of communication status.

Remote access enables technicians to perform preventive maintenance.

Remote control for water treatment

Remote access for monitoring of high security water treatment facilities. Connected surveillance cameras operating in concert with technical alarms to enable maintenance crews to quickly decide on action when problems arise.

Fire and Security alarms

24 hour monitoring of alarm transmission. Alert services to end customers with notification of disruptions in alarm communication. Direct messaging to fire and police authorities in case of alarm.

Fleet management

Assets tracking and positioning. Vehicles connected via AddSecure system enables Fleet owners to monitor and control vehicle movements and status. Connected security systems in case of emergency (accidents, theft etc).

ATM/Payment solutions

Connected ATMs handling security, data transfer and transaction information. The AddSecure connection enables continuous surveillance of communication status. Alarm notification to receiving center in case of emergency (theft, fire etc).


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AddSecure is the most reliable supplier of secure communication systems in the Nordic region.  We provide our customers with the most up-to-date and reliable solution for secured critical communication, using Alarm and IoT Communication.

We look forward to working with you.