Making the world a safer and smarter place

We secure data and critical communications in a connected world

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A selection of our solutions

Ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time to prevent or reduce the impact of an incident.

When an incident occurs every second counts. Secure vital societal functions, minimize damage and prevent disasters with our solution.

Secure your elevator alarms with our continuously monitored alarm services and voice transmission technology.

Keep track of your vehicles in real-time, simplify management and administration, and reduce overall fuel consumption (eco-driving).

Complete overview and control over your security systems via mobile and web.

Get insights on how to optimize your operations and prepare your network for future challenges.

We help save lives

By cutting seconds in critical situations

We help secure vital societal functions

Through reliable and safe communications

We help drive businesses

By collecting and refining valuable data

We help protect property

Through connected and reliable alarm systems

Internet of Things: E-dictionary with relevant words and phrases

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