Making the world a safer and smarter place

We provide secure IoT connectivity solutions with a focus on critical communications and secure data.

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A selection of our solutions

Keep track of your vehicles in real-time, simplify management and administration, and reduce overall fuel consumption (eco-driving).

Secure your elevator alarms with our continuously monitored alarm services and voice transmission technology.

Complete overview and control over your security systems via mobile and web.

We help save lives

By cutting seconds in critical situations

We help secure vital societal functions

Through reliable and safe communications

We help drive businesses

By collecting and refining valuable data

We help protect property

Through connected and reliable alarm systems

AddSecure RoadView Platform Demonstration Webinar

Find out how the new, all-in-one AddSecure RoadView video telematics solution can enhance your fleet's safety and reduce insurance costs, by joining us on the 17th of November at 10:30am for a full system demo.