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AddSecure enters the UK alarm signalling market to continue BT Redcare's Next Generation services

Through a new collaboration agreement, existing customers of BT Redcare will have access to continued service and migration expertise, delivered by AddSecure, a trusted industry leader in alarm signalling solutions.

What's next ?

AddSecure and BT aim to ensure a seamless transition for BT Redcare NGP customers who choose to migrate over to AddSecure. These will benefit from service continuity and migration expertise provided by an industry-leading expert in alarm signalling. As the sunset of the copper-based networks approaches, AddSecure and BT Redcare will prioritise the transition from legacy alarm platforms to digital ones, offering customers high quality service and support throughout the process.

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Our solutions offer reliable and certified communication to ensure maximum security. Leave nothing to chance; choose maximum security with AddSecure.

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Who we are

Experience the UK's premier alarm signalling solutions. For over three decades, our company has been the gold standard in security, providing innovative and reliable alarm signalling for homes, businesses, and institutions. Using advanced IP and 4G technologies, our solutions ensure seamless, secure communication between your alarm systems and monitoring centers, guaranteeing instant alerts and rapid responses to any security breaches. The commitment to excellence includes continuous monitoring and real-time notifications, keeping you informed of your security status at all times. Choose AddSecure for peace of mind, superior technology, and exceptional service.

Why should you choose AddSecure

Proven and certified solution

Our solution is independently certified to meet and exceed all applicable standards for alarm signalling, ensuring the highest levels of reliability.

24/7 Communication monitoring

Ensure uninterrupted security with continuous monitoring of your alarm system's communications, guaranteeing real-time alerts to the designated recipient, day and night.

Enhanced security and comprehensive overview

Our additional services ensure heightened security and offer peace of mind.

Alarm signalling is changing!

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