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Data protection

AddSecure Group AB, Corporate Identity No. 559210-7402, or the AddSecure Group AB’s subsidiary with which you have a customer relationship (listed below), is the personal data controller for your personal data. We respect and safeguard your privacy, and we want you to feel safe when we process your personal data. All our personal data processing is in accordance with applicable legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (“GDPR”) and other applicable national data protection laws.

Privacy policy

AddSecure Privacy Policy – English (master version)

AddSecure Integritetspolicy – Swedish (translation)

Personvernerklæring for AddSecure – Norwegian (translation)

AddSecuren Tietosuojakäytäntö – Finnish (translation)

Politique de confidentialité d’AddSecure – French (translation)

AddSecure Privacybeleid – Dutch (translation)

AddSecure Datenschutzrichtlinie – German (translation)

AddSecure Privatlivspolitik – Danish (translation)

Polityka prywatności firmy AddSecure – Polish (translation)

Política de privacidad AddSecure – Español (Traducción Española)

The Privacy Policy applies to AddSecure Group AB and its subsidiary companies, as applicable, that are listed in the below.

AddSecure AB, SE5565272001 AddSecure Acquisitions Holdings Sweden AB , SE5590624275
AddSecure AS, NO976145178 AddSecure Bidco AB (1/2023 AddSecure Group services AB), SE5592119845
AddSecure Finland Holding OY, FI29508473 AddSecure GmbH (Navkonzept GmbH), DEHRB15295
AddSecure Group AB, SE5592107402 AddSecure Holdco Limited, UK12591006
AddSecure International AB (Asset transfer from AG), SE5567392732 AddSecure Investment I AB, SE5591489744
AddSecure Ltd, UK03593453 AddSecure Midco AB, SE5592119837
AddSecure Oy, FI28410722 AddSecure Smart Alarm SAS (ex Dualtech IT France SAS), FR852266725
AddSecure Smart Alarms AB, SE5565681185 AddSecure Smart Care Oy, FI30224697
AddSecure Smart Grids AB, SE5590442314 AddSecure Smart Rescue Nordic AB (fd Off Säkh), SE5569298341
AddSecure Smart Surveillance GmbH, DEHRB205926 AddSecure Smart Transport A/S, DK32466834
Addsecure Smart Transport AB, SE5566141205 AddSecure Smart Transport BV, NL24173657
Addsecure Smart Transport GmbH, DEHRB11374KI AddSecure Smart Transport Norge AB, NO996792420
AddSecure Smart Transport NV, BE0442889330 AddSecure Smart Transport Oy, FI10901160
AddSecure Smart Transport S.L (Vehco ICT S.L), ES66801549 AddSecure Smart Transport SAS, FR421921875
AddSecure Smart Transport UK Ltd (Isotrak Limited), UK03769508 ADDSECURE SP. Z O.O (frameLOGIC Sp.Z.o.o.), PL0000186609
Alcolock GB Limited, UK05690015 Connexas Holdings Limited, UK08598266
Drivebox Sp.Z.o.o., PL0000668513 HT&KR Holdings Ltd, UK11149957
Hubio Fleet Ltd, UK05293374 International Security GmbH, DEHRB200058
International Site Control GmbH, DEHRB201595 Isotrak Inc, USC3614138
Isotrak Solutions Australia PTY Ltd, AU614272070 Isotrak Solutions Canada Ltd, CA0985609
LnF (TELEMATIQUE) SAS, FR824975296 Lost n Found AG, CH13040146730
Lost n Found GmbH, DEHRB204074 Lunds ProgramArkitekter AB, SE5563466431
Rainkine Thompson Australia PTY Ltd, AU133296358 Rainkine Thompson Ltd, UK04376098
Seven Eye Limited, UK04947597 Seven Telematics Limited, UK02541365
Seven Transcan Limited, UK05800101 Skynet Newco AS, NO923118977
Structured Systems Limited, UK01993323 Transcan Limited (UK), UK04759843
Vehco Communications SL (Spain), B86231099 Vehco ICT Groep B.V, NL24331869
Vehco IT Holding B.V , NL33269914 Verilocation Limited, UK03885568
Video Guard Denmark ApS, DK40699619


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AddSecure Cookie Policy

Personal Data Processor Agreement

As part of AddSecure’s offering, various mobile app based services or web based services might be included. When AddSecure processes personal data on behalf of its customers, AddSecure becomes a Personal Data Processor. The responsibilities AddSecure has as the Personal Data Processor are regulated in a Personal Data Processor Agreement. The following Personal Data Processor Agreements are appendices to the main agreement as applicable.

Data Protection Agreements


If you have any questions regarding AddSecure’s processing of personal data, please feel free to contact our data protection team at:

AddSecure Group AB
Telefonvägen 26
SE-126 26 Hägersten, Sweden
[email protected]


Kiki Lehto
Data Protection Officer, AddSecure
[email protected]