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Asset tracking

Keep track of your most valuable assets and ensure they never sit idle again with our industry leading asset tracking technology.

Around the clock asset tracking

Whether it’s a fleet of trailers or a fleet of wood chippers, our asset tracking solution allows you to keep an eye on your most valuable assets, enabling you to maximise resource utilisation, protect against theft and remain fully compliant.

The importance of making asset tracking a part of your business
With our asset tracking solution you can prevent theft and ensure every asset is used to it's maximum potential.

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"The AddSecure Asset Tracking solution gives us instant visibility of where all our many assets are at any time. Prior to implementing the system, we knew we weren't operating at optimum efficiency. Now, I can login and instantly see what trailers are available and ensure that every asset is being used to its maximum potential."

Simon Woodward

Operations Director, Knowles Transport

What are the benefits of an asset tracking system?

Protect against theft

Protect against theft and misuse with AddSecure's inbuilt security alerting feature. Receive an instant notification if your trailer or equipment is moved out of hours or outside of a set geofenced area. Need added security measures for high value loads? Our integrated trailer door opening sensors can be configured to only alert if the doors are opened outside of your pre-determined ‘safe zones.’

Keep control of your assets and maximise their utilisation

Never lose an asset again, with 24/7 GPS location tracking. With the AddSecure Asset Tracking system you can also monitor asset utilisation and identify resources sat idle.

Improved customer service

With live location asset tracking, you can provide a proactive customer experience. Configure ETA and geofence alerts for you and your customer and receive accurate arrival times for collections and deliveries. Resulting in happier customers and quicker turnaround times for your trailers.

Visual of asset tracking

Trailer Tracking

With ‘lost’ trailers taking days, weeks, or even months to locate, make sure your valuable assets never sit idle again with Verilocation’s cost-effective trailer tracking solution. Why stop at tracking just the location? Our trailer tracking units can also monitor additional data such as internal temperature readings and door opening events, with the ability to set up alerts.

7 signs that you need trailer tracking
Forklift truck and digger

Machinery & Plant Tracking

A simple and reliable tracking solution to help monitor resource allocation and protect against theft. Robust and weatherproof to withstand even the toughest of environments and a battery life of up to 7 years for complete peace of mind. Need around the clock tracking? No problem. Our asset tracking units come with on-board batteries so you can keep an eye on your assets even when they aren’t in use. Choose from either the wired or wireless option to suit your fleet requirements.

5 reasons to start Asset Tracking today

The features of our wired tracking solution

  • Wired to trailer side lights or other source of power

  • Option for data inputs such as temperature and door sensors

  • 6 months battery life *on one plot a day

  • Suitable for 12 & 24v vehicle systems

The features of our wireless tracking solution

  • Can be placed anywhere

  • 7 years battery life *on one plot a day

  • 50 channel GPS

  • 3.6v internal battery pack

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