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Fleet Tracking

Monitor your fleet in real-time with our vehicle GPS tracking solution.

Complete Visibility Of Your Entire Fleet

With Verilocation’s state-of-the-art vehicle tracking system you can monitor your entire fleet in real-time, directly from our web-based telematics interface, on any device, from anywhere. Live vehicle GPS location and Google maps traffic updates aid proactive customer service and effective workforce management.



Improve Fleet Productivity

With live visibility of your entire fleet, understand which of your assets aren’t being used to their full potential and dispatch effectively.

Reduce Operating Costs

Ensure your drivers are taking only the most efficient route and monitor for inefficient driving behaviours to reduce fuel costs.

Enhance Customer Service

Proactively update with your customers with accurate ETAs and real-time traffic information and boost your customer service levels.

Boost Fleet Productivity

Track the live location and status of your vehicles to identify under utilised resources and redispatch where needed. Using our Explore Module to provide a visual overview of your entire fleet, you can effectively identify where improvements can be made to achieve greater productivity and efficiencies.

Enhance Customer Experience

Impress your customers with precise ETAs and job status updates. And respond to urgent call-outs quickly, by identifying your closest available resouces with our 'Find Nearest' feature. Being in the right place at the right time is essential for any delivery business. Real-time vehicle tracking gives you the visibility you need to ensure your workforce is where they should be in order to enhance your service and reliability for your customers.

Journey Insight

Get a comprehensive view of each  journey with our interactive graphs and event-based reporting, showing key driving efficiency and safety related parameters so you can make informed improvements when it comes to your fleet.

"When it comes to tracking our fleet, it is key for us and our customers to have real-time visibility of every vehicle and driver. The Verilocation product was easy to integrate with our existing software and is already delivering efficiency and visibility benefits. Crucially, it also complements our clients' systems, so they have secure visibility of gooods in transit."

Damon Daniels, IT & Systems Manager, WS Transportation

Encourage Safer Driving

Easily identify those within your fleet who are consistently displaying dangerous driving habits with our League Table reports. Encourage your drivers to adopt safer (and more efficient) driving behaviours with regular feedback and personalised retraining.



Large fleet? Simplify your screen with our optional vehicle clustering feature with intelligent vehicle utilisation breakdown.


Our innovative crumb setting technology means you never miss a thing. With every movement and accelerometer event captured you get the full picture with each journey.


With Google Maps integration you can now access live traffic updates, street view and aerial maps for an improved tracking experience.


Never lose track of your vehicles again with our multi-network roaming sims.

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Driver Behaviour

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Tachograph Data

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Temperature Monitoring

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