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Fleet Management for Construction companies

With our cost-efficient telematics and tracking solutions, you can ensure you have a clear view of your vehicles and assets whilst having a clear picture of operation hours and fuel consumption

Asset tracking and reduction of fuel consumption are key focus areas for construction companies

Construction companies waste important time searching for resources like expensive tools and equipment that are not well monitored. With our cost-efficient telematics and positioning solutions, you always have your machines in view, both the positioning, the  operation hours and fuel consumption. We offer products using various network technologies, including 4G, Sigfox, LoRa and NB-IoT. This ensures redundant and energy-saving protection of construction equipment, transporters and other vehicles and you retain an overview of your property in all situations.

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Regardless of which terminal or combination of devices you ultimately choose, our telematics devices are universally suitable for vehicles of all types and manufacturers and, with its many configurable parameters, offer the possibility of operating  construction machinery and commercial vehicles transparently and cost-efficiently. Thus, the construction machines and vehicles become the interface between operational business and reporting.

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The benefits of a connected fleet management platform for construction companies

Increased efficiency

Optimise planning, enhance customer service levels and keep a check on your fuel spend with live, minute-by-minute vehicle location, status and performance updates.

Streamlined compliance

Simplify compliance with our industry-leading Remote Tachograph Download solution and user-friendly Maintenance Module.

Improved safety

Identify dangerous driving habits and offer personalised feedback for those drivers most at-risk.

Telematic products for the construction industry

We offer a wide range of products for the construction industry that use various network technologies, including 4G, Sigfox, LoRa and NB-IoT. This ensures redundant and energy-saving protection of construction equipment, tools and vehicles and enables you to retain an overview of your property in all situations.

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Asset Tracking

Keep track of your most valuable assets and ensure they never sit idle again with our industry leading asset tracking technology.

  • Reliable tracking solutions to monitor resource allocation and protect against theft.

  • Robust and weatherproof with battery lives 3-7 years

  • Various network technologies, including 4G, Sigfox, LoRa and NB-IoT

  • Passive positioning through BLE (Bluetooth low energy)

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Make your construction company smarter, safer and more efficient with the industry’s leading connected fleet management platform.

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Breathalock reporting


Get alerted of a deviation, theft, malfunction, or a violation in real time.

  • Alarms can have 3 different statuses: active, inactive, deleted.

  • Alarms can have 2 different states: warning or alarm

  • Notifications in real time

  • Alarms sent to drivers, office team or customers

Integration With Ease

Our open ended APIs make syncing your routing and scheduling tools a breeze. Get in touch with our IT support team today to find out more.

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Job Management

Ensure your drivers (vehicle or construction machines) have up-to-date info about their assignments for efficient distribution of work orders and smooth billing of performed work.

  • Connected drivers who have access to their assignments digitally

  • Status updates and changes in real time

  • Integrated document management system

Boost Your Bottom Line

When fuel is the bread and butter of your business, ensuring you get the most out of every single drop is key to your bottom line. Effectively identify unnecessary fuel usage and bad driving habits, such as excessive idling and poor throttle usage, with our market-leading Driving Performance module.

AddSecure's Verilocation platform has enabled us to make significant fleet efficiency improvements based on the accurate data derived from the CANbus monitoring technology. The FMS league table and fuel analysis reports show us which drivers are consistently performing below the fleet average and have proven invaluable for driver training.

Ian Owen, Operations Director For Owens Road Services

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