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RoadView Video Telematics

A fleet safety platform powered by video telematics.

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Enhance fleet safety with AddSecure's range of video telematics solutions

Our range of video-based fleet safety systems are designed to improve driver safety and reduce accidents across your fleet by allowing you to proactively identify and address unsafe driving habits before they result in an incident. From dashcams, to full multi-camera solutions offering 360 degree blindspot coverage, our camera solutions have been developed to meet the needs of every type of fleet, large or small.

How to use a video telematics platform

Identify Risky Driving Behaviours

Create a safer fleet by using cameras to monitor driver behavior, record incidents, provide feedback to drivers, and educate drivers about safe driving practices.

Alert Drivers In Real-Time

Prevent accidents before they happen with real-time driver feedback. Drivers are alerted when instances of driver distraction or dangerous driving are detected.

Review Footage & Define Next Steps

With the RoadView Driver Coaching module, you can review incidents and keep track of how they have been dealt with for a full audit trail.

Provide Personalised Driver Coaching

With remote access to review incident footage you can effectively identify areas for improvement and achieve greater fleet safety.

Roadview video telematics platform

Effective risk identification with event based reporting

Understand exactly where the risk lies in your fleet with event-based reporting on any dangerous driving behaviours. Set customised alerts for incident types important to you and create bespoke reports to give you your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly overview of your fleet's safety.

Guide: How camera technology can enhance fleet safety

“Not only has the general level of safety for our drivers improved, we’ve also been able to save on costs because of reduced unnecessary insurance payments.”

Steve Newton

Transport Manager, Boughey

Video telematics dashboard

Instant access to view and download footage

From the RoadView cloud-based video telematics platform, you can view and download video footage within minutes of an incident occuring. Footage is stored for up to 1 year on the platform so you can review and rewatch it as many times as you need.

Roadview video telematics platform
Experience the power of RoadView today and start driving safer tomorrow.

Don't leave fleet safety to chance. Upgrade to RoadView, the most advanced fleet safety platform powered by video telematics.

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Find the right video telematics solution for you

Everything you need to take control of your fleet’s safety. Choose from AddSecure’s four different video telematics solutions to find the right fit for your fleet.

RoadView Lite

AddSecure's RoadView dashcam is designed to provide accurate video evidence and detailed driver behaviour data of every incident.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Incident detection & alerting
  • Remote access to view & download footage
  • Driver behaviour safety scores & analytics
  • Driver feedback & coaching module
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RoadView Plus

An AI powered video telematics solution featuring on board ADAS and DMS that can prevent accidents before they happen.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Incident detection & alerting
  • Remote access to view & download footage
  • Driver behaviour analytics
  • Driver feedback & coaching module
  • ADAS functionality (lane departure, front collision and pedestrian detection & warnings)
  • DMS functionality (driver fatigue, smoking, phone usage, distraction detection & warnings)
  • In-cab driver alerts & coaching
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RoadView Multi

From 5 to 15 channels with side, rear, front, load and AI camera solutions for any fleet.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Incident detection & alerting
  • Remote access to view & download footage
  • Driver behaviour analytics
  • Driver feedback & coaching module
  • Compatible with our AI powered ADAS and DMS solutions
  • Configurable camera solution with up to 16 channel inputs for 360 degree visibility of the vehicle
  • In-cab monitor to aid driver for safer city driving and slow speed manoeuvring
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RoadView BSD

A full Blind Spot Detection solution to protect vulnerable road users for safer city driving and slow manoeuvring events.

  • Side camera with built-in AI to detect vulnerable road users up to 30m along the vehicle's nearside
  • Ability to distinguish between pedestrians/cyclists and roadside furniture
  • Forward facing camera to detect vulnerable road users in frontal blind spot zone
  • UNECE R151 (BSIS) and R159 (MOIS) approved
  • External audible alarm
  • Internal driver alarm
  • Available standalone, or as part of an integrated Roadview Multi solution
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Video telematics hardware

Protect vulnerable road users with the RoadView Blind Spot Detection solution

Our Direct Vision solution uses state-of-the-art cameras, vehicle sensors and edge AI to monitor a vehicle's blind spots and alert the driver to potentially vulnerable road users. The solution has approval and certification for London DVS, FORS, CLOCS and UNECE R151 and R159.

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driver behaviour scoring

Improve fleet safety with tailored driver coaching

Review incident footage and driving behaviour data using our advanced driver safety score module to identify where improvements can be made. And implement an effective driver safety programme with the ability to provide personalised driver feedback.

What is Driver Perfomance?

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Protect your fleet against false claims, decrease incident rates and improve driving behaviours with our integrated vehicle camera systems.