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RoadView Lite

The industry's leading commercial dashcam solution

dash cam platform video with camera

Reduce accidents, minimise claims and protect your fleet

  • Defence Against False Claims

  • Insurance Savings

  • Enhanced Fleet Safety

  • Protect your brand and your reputation.

RoadView commercial dashcam
Help to mitigate your fleet's risk with RoadView Lite. A dashcam solution designed to provide accurate video evidence and detailed driver behaviour data of every incident. Roadview Lite ensures you get the full picture before, during and after any event.

Mitigate your fleet's risk with RoadView Lite

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How video telematics helps

Defence Against False Claims

Exonerate your drivers against false claims with undisputable, HD quality video footage.

Insurance Savings

Benefit from reduced insurance premiums with FNOL and reduce accident rates.

Enhanced Fleet Safety

Effectively identify areas for improvement and achieve greater fleet safety.

Improved Driver Performance

Detect dangerous driving habits, such as harsh braking, acceleration, cornering and speeding with detailed accelerometer and speeding reports.

“Since implementing the AddSecure RoadView video telematics solution we have successfully managed to reduce our accident rate by over 50%, at times reaching 70%, all due to driver accountability.”

Lee Shropshire

Transport Manager, Waterlogic