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Sustainability at AddSecure

By securing critical communications and data in a connected world, AddSecure has an opportunity to contribute to society’s sustainable transformation.

Internet of Things (IoT) and data has the potential to reshape the way we produce, consume, and live. It is the basis for many new products and services, driving productivity and resource efficiency gains across all sectors of the economy.

As sensor-based and internet-connected devices multiply, they will handle even more life- and business-critical applications. This makes it more important than ever to handle data and communications in a secure and sustainable way.

By offering secure IoT connectivity and end-to-end solutions, we help our customers optimize their operations, cut emissions, create safer learning environments and workplaces, build the power grids of tomorrow – and more. This way, we help transform society and make the connected world a smarter and safer place.

Our sustainability program is top rated by EcoVadis, a leading provider of corporate sustainability assessments.

Read more about our sustainability program here.

For a safer and smarter world

We provide smart, secure, and sustainable IoT connectivity solutions.