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Prevent Drink Driving with the AddSecure Breathalock Breathalyser

A fully integrated anti drink driving solution, AddSecure's Anti Drink Driving technology combines a hard wired alcohol interlock device and an online telematics platform.

Complete peace of mind

AddSecure's Anti-Drink-Driving technology is hard-wired directly into the engine’s ignition system. AddSecure Breathalock is designed to immobilise any vehicle in the event of a failed breathalyser reading, ensuring your fleet is never driven whilst under the influence.

Prevent drink driving in your fleet
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“...It forms an integral part of our driver monitoring and management system and is mandatory for any new coaches coming into the National Express Network.”

Ed Rickard

Delivery Director, National Express

Features and benefits

Immobilisation Technology

Prevent your vehicles from starting in the event of a failed breath test with in-built immobilisation technology.

Instant Failure Alerting

Take immediate action with instant SMS/email alerts of any failed breath samples.

Tamper Proof Technology

Innovative and certified tamper-proof technologies to protect against false readings.

Full Integration

Available with full integration into the web-based telematics platform. For a comprehensive view of your fleet.

Configurable Thresholds

From zero tolerance to the legal limit, set your own policy with configurable thresholds.

Driver Identification

Integrated driver identification technology for live visibility and historic reporting of breath samples.

Ready to go within 10 seconds!

Built for drivers, the AddSecure Breathalock is both fast and intuitive to use; ready to go within 10 seconds and featuring simple step-by-step prompts to ensure breath samples are provided correctly.

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Instant failure alerting

Minimise vehicle downtime with instant SMS and email notifications of any failed breath tests, enabling you to dispatch a replacement vehicle or driver ASAP.

The key facts about drink driving

Customisable to your company policy

With completely configurable pass/fail BrAC thresholds, the AddSecure Breathalock can accommodate any company policy level; from ‘zero tolerance’ to the legal drink-drive limit.

Tried and tested tamper proof technologies

Protect against false readings and driver circumvention attempts with inbuilt industry-certified tamperproof technologies. Featuring Electronic Counter Circumvention Measures (ECCM) to distinguish between mechanically simulated and human breath samples (accurate by +/- 0.005% BrAC), and integrated driver facing cameras to validate who provided the breath sample, the AddSecure Breathalock is a fully robust and reliable solution.

Online reporting

Access live and historic AddSecure Breathalock data from anywhere, at any time, direct from the Breathalock online telematics platform. With data stored for up to 12 months, you can review readings by driver and detect any dangerous trends via the user-friendly reporting suite.

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