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Bulk and Tanker - Dangerous Goods Transport

Run a safer and more efficient fleet for bulk and tank hazardous goods transport, with the industry’s leading connected fleet management platform.

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Safeguarding dangerous goods transport

At AddSecure, we recognise the critical importance of fleet safety in the hazardous materials transportation industry. With our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions, we are committed to enhancing safety, ensuring compliance, and optimising operations every step of the way.

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Key benefits for transporters of hazardous materials

Increased efficiency

Efficient route planning, considering safety regulations and potential hazards, leads to quicker and safer deliveries, minimizing exposure to populated areas and sensitive zones. Optimise planning, enhance customer service levels with minute-by-minute vehicle location, status and performance updates.

Compliance with regulations

Adherence to local and international regulations governing the transportation of hazardous materials, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues. As example our industry-leading and user friendly remote tachograph download solution simplifies compliance to the driving times.

Enhanced safety and risk mitigation

Real-time monitoring of vehicles, drivers and cargo ensures compliance with safety protocols and helps prevent incidents involving hazardous materials. Dangerous driving habits are identified and drivers trained to lower your accident rates involving hazardous materials.

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Fleet management solutions for dangerous goods transport

With a dedicated fleet management software solution for the transportation of hazardous materials and dangerous goods, fleet managers can effectively track the movements of their vehicles and drivers, allowing them to identify potential safety risks and take corrective action before an incident occurs.

Examples of our solutions for efficient and safe transport of hazardous goods

Route planning & optimization

Route planning considering restrictions and regulations related to hazardous materials transportation, such as avoiding densely populated areas and restricted zones.

Improved safety through cameras

Identify and address dangerous driving behaviours using AI-powered vehicle cameras. Provide accurate video evidence of every incident.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of vehicle location, speed, route deviations, and other critical data, with alerts for any potential safety or compliance violations.

Predictive maintenance

Keep your vehicles in good condition through preventive maintenance. Tracks and schedules vehicle inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Anti drink driving

Prevent drink driving. Our solution is designed to immobilise any vehicle in the event of a failed breathalyser reading, ensuring your fleet is never driven whilst under the influence.

Communication/ document mgmt.

Secure communication channels with drivers and storage for relevant electronic documentation, permits, certificates, safety data sheets (SDS), and emergency response information.

Geofencing and geo-tagging

Implementation of geofencing to restrict vehicle access or movement in certain areas and geo-tagging for hazardous materials storage facilities.

Integration with dispatch

Seamless integration with dispatch and operations systems for efficient communication, job assignment, and load scheduling considering the hazardous materials being transported.

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Enhance fleet safety with video telematics

With dangerous goods transportation, you need to ensure the utmost safety of your fleet. Protect your drivers, the public and your reputation with AddSecure's range of video telematics systems:

  • Identify and address dangerous driving behaviours

  • Monitor the compliance of on-site safety processes

  • Capture HD incident footage for FNOL

  • Increase visibility during slow speed maneuvering

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ai technology detecting a driver falling asleep at the wheel

Prevent accidents with our AI-powered cameras for detection of driver fatigue and distraction

Harnessing the power of advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) sensor technology, RoadView Plus boasts an unrivaled capability to detect hazardous driving behaviors, such as driver fatigue and distraction, in real-time. The driver is then proactively alerted to avert a potential accident.

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Driver Fatigue guide
Discover our 12 key strategies to preventing sleep-related accidents.

The ultimate guide to tackling driver fatigue and ensuring safe journeys for the transport of dangerous goods.

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Anti-drink driving technology

A fully integrated anti-drink-driving solution combining a hard-wired alcohol interlock device and an online telematics platform.

  • Fully integrated anti-drink-driving solution with telematic system

  • Immobilization Technology and Instant Failure Alerting

  • Tamper Proof Technology with Configurable Thresholds

  • Driver Identification

Breathalyser Interlock

Document management

Make sure your drivers have access to the latest documents digitally in the vehicle.

  • Upload files that should be available for one driver, a group of drivers or all drivers

  • Add expiration date so that documents automatically are removed in the vehicle

  • Provide a link to the file to make it possible to share and use it in other services

  • Monitor what documents are reviewed by what drivers through silent confirmation

Fleet management platform and lorry

Predictive Maintenance

Make sure your vehicles are in good shape and safe through preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is regularly performed on your trucks (and other equipment) to lessen the likelihood of them failing. It is performed while your vehicles are still working so that they do not break down unexpectedly.

  • Schedule planned maintenance based on km or due dates.

  • Control the status of every maintenance task .

  • Files can be attached to each task.

  • Full traceability through history view with timeline of tasks.

  • Templates to simplify creating tasks

Ian Owen, Owens Road Services

The Verilocation system has enabled us to make significant fleet efficiency improvements based on the accurate data derived from the CANbus monitoring technology. The FMS league table and fuel analysis reports show us which drivers are consistently performing below the fleet average and have proven invaluable for driver training."

Ian Owen

Operations Director, Owens Road Services

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