RoadView Plus

Prevent accidents before they happen with the latest in AI vehicle camera safety solutions.

ai technology detecting a driver falling asleep at the wheel

Prevent accidents before they happen with in-cab alerts

RoadView Plus is an AI powered video telematics solution featuring on board ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) sensor technology that detects dangerous driving behaviours like driver fatigue, in real-time, and alerts the driver to prevent accidents before they happen.

What are the benefits of an ADAS + DMS camera solution?

Detect driver fatigue

Protect your drivers, the public and your business with in-cab alerts.

Defence against false claims

Exonerate your drivers against false claims with undisputable, HD quality video foootage.

Insurance savings

Benefit from reduced insurance premiums with FNOL and reduce accident rates.

Enhanced fleet safety

Effectively identify areas for improvement and achieve greater fleet safety.

AddSecure RoadView Plus

What is ADAS and DMS technology?

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DMS (Driver Monitoring Systems) are AI safety solutions designed to detect and warn against potential collision events. The technology is comprised of a 1080p forward-facing ADAS camera, a driver-facing DMS sensor with advanced facial recognition and an in-cab display. Triggered events are alerted to the driver in real-time and also sent to the RoadView telematics platform for post-event reporting and driver debrief.

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How do ADAS and DMS cameras work?

ADAS Camera Functionality

ADAS cameras are a valuable safety feature that can help to reduce accidents and improve safety on the roads. The RoadView Plus solution includes a foward-facing ADAS camera using real-time AI technology to understand and interpret road risk, and alert the driver when action is required.

Forward Collision

Forward collision warnings are triggered when the distance to an object ahead falls below the set threshold.

Lane Departure

Linked to the vehicle’s indicator, the camera will detect any unintentional lane departures.

Pedestrian Detection

In-cab alerts for any pedestrians that are detected to be within close proximity to the vehicle.

DMS Camera Functionality

Driver monitoring systems (DMS) use cameras to track the driver’s face and eyes. The cameras are typically mounted on the dashboard or the windshield. The cameras use infrared light to track the driver’s face, even in low-light conditions. DMS systems can detect a variety of driver behaviors, including drowsiness and distracted driving.

DMS systems can alert the driver if they are exhibiting any of these behaviors. The alerts can be visual, auditory, or both. DMS systems can also be used to collect data about the driver’s behavior. This data can be used to improve driver safety and to identify drivers who are at risk of an accident.

Phone Use

Deter your drivers from mobile phone usage whilst driving with audible alarms when phone use is detected.

Driver Fatigue

Advanced facial recognition technology monitors for any signs of fatigue, such as eye closure and yawning.


Ensure your drivers always keep both hands on the wheel with automatic detection and alerting of driver smoking.

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Addsecure's leading video telematics solution to improve fleet safety and reduce costs.

Cover every angle of your fleet with an AddSecure multi camera system.

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screenshot of verilocation platform showing available video footage to review

Instant access to incident video footage, location and driver behaviour data via AddSecure's web-based telematics platform

With on-board 4G cloud-based technology, you can review footage and driving behaviour data from detected incidents within minutes.

ADAS and DMS platform

Boost fleet safety with tailored driver coaching

Using our Driver Coaching module, you can easily review footage of detected dangerous driving behviour incidents from the camera and provide constructive feedback to your drivers as part of an effective driver safety programme.

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Store your video footage on the on-board SD Card with up to 512GB of storage.


Next level image clarity with 1080p video quality.


In-built GPS and accelerometer for full location and driver behaviour insight.


View and download your camera footage remotely with an in-built 4G sim.


Real-time driver coaching with in-cab alerts.


Build a bespoke solution using our range of cameras and safety systems.

Find the right video telematics solution for you

Everything you need to take control of your fleet’s safety. Choose from AddSecure’s four different video telematics solutions to find the right fit for your fleet.

RoadView Lite

AddSecure's RoadView dashcam is designed to provide accurate video evidence and detailed driver behaviour data of every incident.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Incident detection & alerting
  • Remote access to view & download footage
  • Driver behaviour safety scores & analytics
  • Driver feedback & coaching module
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RoadView Plus

An AI powered video telematics solution featuring on board ADAS and DMS that can prevent accidents before they happen.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Incident detection & alerting
  • Remote access to view & download footage
  • Driver behaviour analytics
  • Driver feedback & coaching module
  • ADAS functionality (lane departure, front collision and pedestrian detection & warnings)
  • DMS functionality (driver fatigue, smoking, phone usage, distraction detection & warnings)
  • In-cab driver alerts & coaching
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RoadView Multi

From 5 to 15 channels with side, rear, front, load and AI camera solutions for any fleet.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Incident detection & alerting
  • Remote access to view & download footage
  • Driver behaviour analytics
  • Driver feedback & coaching module
  • Compatible with our AI powered ADAS and DMS solutions
  • Configurable camera solution with up to 16 channel inputs for 360 degree visibility of the vehicle
  • In-cab monitor to aid driver for safer city driving and slow speed manoeuvring
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RoadView BSD

A full Blind Spot Detection solution to protect vulnerable road users for safer city driving and slow manoeuvring events.

  • Side camera with built-in AI to detect vulnerable road users up to 30m along the vehicle's nearside
  • Ability to distinguish between pedestrians/cyclists and roadside furniture
  • Forward facing camera to detect vulnerable road users in frontal blind spot zone
  • UNECE R151 (BSIS) and R159 (MOIS) approved
  • External audible alarm
  • Internal driver alarm
  • Available standalone, or as part of an integrated Roadview Multi solution
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