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Improve fleet efficiency through Vehicle Management

Our solution for Vehicle Management includes a complete set of services that simplifies the management, and improves the control, of your fleet of light- or heavy commercial vehicles.

Get in total control of your vehicles and their activities to reduce costs and improve the productivity

  • Get a real-time view of your fleet’s daily activities
  • Key information about the fleet’s productivity is automatically gathered and reported
  • Ensure the long-term success of your eco-driving and fuel savings program
  • Gather status information systematically for preventive maintenance

Services within Vehicle Management


Position your vehicles and assets in real time, track previous trips and get alerts through geofences.

Time Machine

Get full visibility to see which vehicles have been inside a selected area a selected time.

Start- and Stop report

Get your KPIs automatically gathered, compiled and made available in detailed reports.

Eco Driving

Improve the driving behavior via system-based coaching of drivers in real time and office reports.

Refill- and fueling Report

Get control over your consumption and minimize the administrative work!


Keep your fleet in good shape and avoid costly repair via preventive maintenance.

Vehicle Maintenance

Make sure to control your maintenance costs and to keep your vehicles in good shape.

AAddSecure Co-Driver Weboffice


  • Get an overview and full control of all your resources in one map.

  • Get essential data for real-time fleet management and analysis of your transport activities.

  • Easily track vehicles during any selected time period, from hours to months.

  • Make everyone ready in time through alerts from geofences.

  • Let your customers access the positioning service for the vehicles that serve them.

Product Sheet: Positioning

Time Machine

  • Go back in time to see what vehicles visited an area a certain time.

  • Quickly provide proof about arrival/departure times of your vehicles.

  • Easily respond to questions if vehicles are suspected for damage etc.

Time Machine Product Sheet


  • Save fuel, reduce emissions and minimize stressful workdays.

  • Encourage your drivers via fair indicators and personal feedback.

  • Ensure a long-term success of your eco-driving program.

  • Set realistic goals and use relevant data to motivate your teams.

  • Objective indicators independent from vehicle and road conditions.

Product Sheet: Eco-Driving

Refill- and fueling Report

  • Let your drivers report refueling and refilling of oil, AdBlue etc.

  • Register and monitor the consumption for a fleet of vehicles.

  • Analyze the fuel purchases and consumption.


  • Gather status information about your vehicles systematically.

  • Avoid time-consuming use, filing and processing of paper reports.

  • Detect potential problems before a more serious failure occurs.

  • Keep your equipment at its optimal level and minimize downtime.

  • Prevent accidents, ensure the safety of your staff.

Product Sheet: Checklist

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Keep your fleet fully operational through preventive maintenance

  • Control and reduce your maintenance costs

  • Plan the maintenance tasks well in advance

  • Make sure to avoid unplanned stops

  • Control the status of every maintenance task

Product Sheet: Vehicle Maintenance

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