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Societal effects of digitalization – what is changing and who is affected by the change?

IoT & se..Societal effects and digitalization Smarter cities and IoT enables better living conditions for many, competitive industries, and a sustainable future. To take advantage of the possibilities of digitalization, secure and updated communication networks are required. This is the reason why telecom operators have begun the technology shift, i.e. the phasing out of older technologies such […]

Everything you need to know about asset tracking

Transport &a..In this article you will find out everything you need to know about asset tracking. It’s a common mistake that many businesses make to think of assets only in terms of cash in the bank and bricks and mortar. Your true assets are all of those tangible, physical items that your business owns (plus intellectual […]

Are you ready for the technology shift? Checklist for installers

IoT & se..Review and prepare Today, there are hundreds of thousands of alarm systems using outdated technology, such as fire, elevator, intruder, and safety alarms. For installers with customers who have alarm systems or IoT devices critical to society, it is high time to review and prepare for the technology shift; the operator’s shift to 4G and […]