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PANGEA 4G Security Router is an effective and secure 4G Router for CCTV systems, access control systems and other monitoring and remote access systems. It has been specifically designed to…

What does the world of 5G look like?

IoT & se..5G, the network of the future, does not only connect our mobile phones and laptops to the internet, but will be so widespread that even vehicles and machinery will be connected. For businesses, industries, and indeed everyday people, this means we will have an increase in what we consider ‘devices’ around us. Also, the quality of the network they are connected to […]

How AddSecure Link can strengthen & secure your connectivity

IoT & se..If you have a large number of connected devices, a centralised system where you have an overview and total control of all your devices can make the day-to-day management much simpler and secure. With the AddSecure Link IoT connectivity solution, it is easy to scale up or down, and you can administer it yourself. Therefore, […]