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AddSecure nominated for “Best IoT Security Product” 2021

AddSecure has been nominated for the Detektor International Award in the category ”Best IoT Security Product” 2021 for AddSecure Inside, a solution integrating secure alarm transmission and secure data communications into panel manufacturers’ systems.

Become an IoT expert in 5 minutes

IoT & se..Although the IoT works all around us every day, some may not know where its presence can be seen or even what it is. Here, we will define the IoT, what it does, and why it is a significant player in the future of society. What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? The best way […]

The use of IoT technology in everyday life

IoT & se..The development of IoT marks an important shift in technological developments, and is often referred to as the precursor to the next Industrial Revolution, often called “Industry 4.0”. This is because technology opens up smarter devices, improved communication, and increased automation. The technology affects important projects and shapes how “smart cities” and critical infrastructure are […]

5 simple ways to increase the security of your IoT solutions

IoT & se..There are various reasons and needs why you want to protect your IoT solution. Whether it is preventing hackers from manipulating data or to protect your devices from being part of DDoS attacks, securing your solution is still essential. Increase the security level of your solutions with these 5 tips: 1. Use communications that are […]