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3 cyber threats to know about: Ransomware, Phishing & End Point attacks.

IoT & se..As society has developed a liking for quick and simple processes, automation has also become a key feature in our digital activity and devices. For example, to save you time at the checkout your device will automatically complete your delivery details, email address, credit card information, and other personal data such as passwords. We all […]

Sicurezza 2019 – Top 5 tips!

Building sec..It´s early morning and I am having my morning coffee and getting prepared for the first day of Sicurezza 2019. Sicurezza is one of the biggest and most interesting trade fairs of the Europen security sector. I have been here for the last three years as a visitor, but this is the first year as […]

Why and how Østfold updated their elevator alarms

Building sec..Recently, we helped Østfold municipality overhaul their elevator alarms. As the traditional, analogue phone lines are being discontinued, and the cellular network is going digital, old lines of communication are rapidly becoming outdated. That wasn’t the only problem, though. As is wont to happen when old technology is left untouched for a while, some things […]

5 tips for more effective building operations

Building sec..1. Tie all functions to the occupants If a building’s large enough, there’s going to be lots of times that only part of it is in use. While many new buildings have ways to automatically reduce ventilation, lights or heating when they stand empty, an important next step is to tie these functions directly to […]

Smart communications solutions protect that which cannot protect itself

IoT & se..Without exaggeration, this is also the source for great threats. In the past hackers were limited to attacking computers in homes and offices but with the amazing number of devices being routinely connected to the internet, completely new possibilities are opening up for the individuals that use IoT for darker purposes. The future is dependent […]