Dualtech is rebranded AddSecure

Dualtech, part of AddSecure since September 2020, is rebranded AddSecure. Consolidating its Smart Alarms solutions, the rebranding will further strengthen the company’s offering to the market. Providing customers with future-proof, secure and reliable end-to-end solutions.

What is the purpose of the rebranding?

The rebranding consolidates the Smart Alarms solutions under one roof, providing customers from across Europa with a broader offering, new levels of product functionality and complementary service offerings. In addition, by combining expertise and consolidated IT and secure communication practice, AddSecure will be able to create new innovative solutions to meet the increased digitalization. This also takes us one step closer to our joint mission – to become the recognized preferred European supplier of alarm related services and secure communications solutions.

By gathering all knowledge under the same brand, we will be able to strengthen our Smart Alarms’ portfolio, expertise, and market coverage in Europe. The combined offering will benefit customers across Europe who will be provided with future-proof, secure, and reliable end-to-end connectivity solutions.

Peter Johansson, President Smart Alarms, AddSecure

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Why is it important to secure data and critical communications?

We live in an increasingly connected world, where sensor-based and Internet-connected devices multiply. This makes it more important than ever to handle data and critical communications in a secure way. This is AddSecures take on it.