Smart Alarms products

IRIS-4 2 Series

IRIS-4 2 Series

The IRIS-4 2 series is designed for commercial installations. Enclosed…

IRIS-4 4 Series

IRIS-4 4 Series

The new IRIS-4 4 Series is suitable for use in…

IRIS-4 6

IRIS-4 6 Series

The new IRIS-4 6 Series offers a cost-effective way to…


AddSecure ISA-4 is a suite of software that enables Alarm…

Remote Service

The ability to fully monitor your facility even when you…


Terminal with router function for monitored alarm and data transmission.…

Vehco is rebranded AddSecure

Vehco, part of AddSecure since may 2018, is rebranded to AddSecure. This is a logical name change for Vehco and will tie the data-driven offering to the transport sector closer to Addsecure's core business of providing secure data and critical communications.

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