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IRIS – Remote Service App

The Remote service app establishes a link between the installer to the remote alarm panel in a simple manner, even in situations where the alarm panel and the installer sites…

IRIS – Toolbox

The IRIS Toolbox is a nifty application allowing for fast programming and commissioning of IRIS terminals via laptop/PC.

IRIS Applications

IRIS Applications, such as IRIS Toolbox, IRIS Remote Service App and IRIS USB Reflesher, make your interaction with the IRIS system even simpler.

IRIS-4 6 Series

The new IRIS-4 6 Series offers a cost-effective way to interface most fire and intruder alarm panels to IP and/or wireless networks, in addition to full integration with particular manufacturer’s…

IRIS-4 4 Series

The new IRIS-4 4 Series is suitable for use in existing enclosures and connects to any alarm panel, offering a highly flexible choice from Grade-2 to Grade-4 signaling options.