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Here’s how AddSecure solves your unknown elevator alarm problem

Building sec..Technology rushes forward, but not always at the same rate. While municipal fire and burglary alarms are often fully digital already, elevator alarms tend to lag behind. In Norway they send analogue signals through a modernized, digital network. It’s very important to point out the problems with the solution, as it simply cannot be trusted. […]

Safe water and waste handling in Norrköping

Drinking water is our most important resource and guaranteeing fresh, clean water requires reliable systems. Norrköping has chosen a flexible and safe communication solution for the operation and monitoring of…

How can AddSecure help you establish a smart and secure municipality?

Smart citiesAlready back in 2015, Telenor could report that 70% of people would find smart municipalities an attractive place to live. An important part of a smart municipality or city is the use of sensors with internet access, that gather important data used to automate and improve services. Through this, the municipality can reduce costs, save […]

Value Added Services

In addition to our alarm services, we can make things even more secure for you and your customers with our additional services. These give you more flexibility with your alarm…