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Make sure to manage your drivers as your most valuable resource.

In most transport companies, the cost of drivers is the largest expense item, and it often amounts to 30-45% of the total transport cost. At the same time, many transport companies don't have enough professional drivers. Our solution for Driver Management includes the tools you need to make sure your drivers are well managed and treated in the most professional way.

Enable efficient communication and offer pedagogic tools for time- and salary management

  • Take control of the working times and secure right salaries are paid
  • Offer your teams a complete view of the drive- and resting times
  • Use tools for registering non-driving activities qualified for payment
  • Communicate with your drivers and help them reaching destinations via tools for navigation
  • Save everyone’s time through an automatic download of the legal files

Services within Driver Management

Qualified Activities

Get full traceability of your drivers’ non-driving activities to streamline your operations.


Use navigation with truck attributes to always find the best routes


Stay in contact with your drivers and communicate with them to deal with the unexpected

Working Times

Ensure a correct and effective process for working time reporting

Salary Administration

Manage working times and payroll administration in the same system

Drive- and Resting Times

Optimize your transports through full control of the drive- and resting times

Tacho Download

Automatize downloading of the legal files and comply with regulations

Storage and Analysis of legal files

Store your legal files in a secure environment and get access to tools for analysis

Qualified Activities

  • Easily analyze the non-driving activities you are interested in

  • Use the information to optimize your operations

  • Leverage your data in negotiations to justify your invoicing

  • Monitor waiting times, empty kilometers, pallets, etc.

  • Follow up cleaning, loading/unloading (e.g. quantities)

Product Sheet: Qualified Activities


  • Make sure your drivers find the optimal way to their destinations

  • Use truck attributes and commercial routing to avoid unwanted routes

  • Never waste time searching for an address and optimise the routes

  • Three years license fee for maps included

  • Integrated with fleet management services (Messages, Missions)


  • Ensure an always reliable and archived exchange of information

  • Get better operational insights from accurate driver feedback

  • Reply faster through real-time communication with your drivers

  • Copy messages or use predefined answers to save time

  • Use your usual mailbox through mail forwarding.

Product Sheet: Messaging

Working Times Reporting

  • Working hours are reported during the actual work

  • Better control of the drivers’ working hours

  • Intuitive tool that is easy to use for the driver

  • Minimize expensive overtime by planning

  • Easier to deal with problems and deviations

Product Sheet: Working TImes Reporting

Salary Administration

  • Manage both working times and salary administration in ONE system

  • Full control over the payroll management

  • Enable efficient review, edit and approval of drivers' salaries

  • Replace the need for a separate payroll administration system

  • Easier to deal with problems and deviations

Product Sheet: Salary Administration

Drive- and Resting Times

  • Get a complete view of the drive- and resting times of your drivers

  • Adapt the missions to the time constraints of drivers

  • Prevent violations and let your drivers be reminded by notifications

  • React immediately in case of violations through alerts

  • Analyze and edit the chronology in the timeline

Product sheet: Drive- and Resting Times

Remote Tacho Download

  • Save time through automatic file download from tacho and driver card

  • Make sure every file is downloaded at the right time

  • Avoid vehicle immobilization and ensure regular downloads

  • Simplify your work through hosting the company card at AddSecure

Product Sheet: Remote Tacho Download

Storage and Analysis of legal files

  • Store your digital tachograph data in a secure environment

  • Easily follow up risk of delays, late downloads or missing data

  • Meet legal tachograph and driver card download storage obligations

  • Automatic control of violations- data is compared with regulations

Product Sheet: Storage and Analysis of legal files

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