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The industry leading fleet management platform.

Whether you're running a delivery service, a transportation company, or simply managing a fleet of company cars, efficient fleet management is vital. Plan, track and optimise your logistics operations with AddSecure's connected fleet management platform.

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Manage your entire fleet operation from one fleet management platform

Have you ever wondered how businesses with large vehicle fleets efficiently keep track of their assets, reduce operational costs, and ensure timely deliveries? Fleet management is the key. We are the industry leading supplier of fleet management solutions. Run a safer and smarter fleet with AddSecure.

“We work really closely with our drivers out on the road, and we have seen a number of really big improvements and the drivers have been really proactive in accelerating these improvements”

Richard Wilson

Inbound Logistics Director, Arla Foods

Industry leading solutions for your business

As your business grows so does the need for efficient transportation. Fleet management is a critical aspect of any business that uses vehicles within its operations. Good fleet management ensures that a business's vehicles operate efficiently. This will result in increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer service. Fleet management can include various tasks such as vehicle maintenance, fuel management, driver management, route planning, and tracking. The main goal is to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your company's vehicle fleet whilst minimizing costs.

How Arla uses Fleet Management
Try the number one fleet management system today and experience the difference that AddSecure can make to your business

The industry's leading fleet management platform. Book your free trial now!

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The key elements of our system

Improve your fleet’s bottom line and maximise your ROI with our industry leading driver performance monitoring solutions.

All the information you need to make smart business decisions when it comes to your fleet.

From single, forward-facing dash cams to fully integrated, multi-camera systems designed to protect your fleet and improve safety.

Monitor the status of your temperature sensitive deliveries in real-time.

Get the most out of your fleet of trailers with our trailer tracking solution and ensure your trailers never sit idle again.

Increase fleet productivity and eliminate tacho infringements with access to real-time tacho data.

Take your operations to the next level

Transform you fleet

Transform your fleet operations with the power of live vehicle and driver status updates. Dispatch more effectively, boost customer service and realise greater fleet productivity with real-time vehicle tracking and remaining tachograph driving hours updates.

Improved efficiency

One of the most significant benefits of incorporating a fleet management system is improved efficiency and productivity. With a well-maintained fleet, you can ensure that your vehicles are always in top condition and ready to hit the road.

Streamline compliance

Take the hassle out of remaining compliant with our remote tachograph download solution and maintenance module. Schedule automated remote downloads of your vehicle and driver card tacho files from anywhere in the world and save yourself up to 2 man days per vehicle per year in manual downloads.

Optimize your business

By Implementing a fleet management system into your operations you can help to optimize your vehicle fleet, reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service. Through analysis of your current fleet operations, implementing a fleet management system, training your drivers, and using telematics, you can optimize your business for the road ahead.

Try the number one transport management system today and experience the difference that AddSecure can make to your business

The industry's leading transport management platform. Book your free trial now!

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World-class implementation services and training

Our team can help you to increase your profitability and secure a quick ROI. When you are an AddSecure customer, a skilled team of professionals will be made available to you who will ensure your fleet- and transport management projects are managed successfully.

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The key to cost effective operations

Whether you run a delivery service, a construction company, or a transportation business, fleet management holds the key to cost-effective operations. By understanding its key components, embracing best practices, and addressing challenges head-on, you can unlock the full potential of your fleet, ensuring efficiency, cost savings, and safety.

Protect your most valuable assets

Ensure every angle is covered with our market-leading multi-camera solution. With 360° coverage of the vehicle, both inside and out, our video telematics systems are designed to provide accurate video evidence and detailed driver behaviour data before, during and after every incident.