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Arla Foods takes fleet management to a new level

Arla Foods is a farmer owned global dairy company. The company is owned by 9700 dairy farmers of which 2100 are British and can trace its roots all the way back to the 1800’s. They have been seeing the benefits of AddSecure's fleet management solutions

Arla wanted to build on the success of its inbound logistics operation. Further improving driver behaviour, reducing fuel costs, and continued safety records were of great importance to the business. Arla wanted a system that would allow them to monitor their fleet every step of the way.

An all encompassing fleet management tool

The AddSecure Verilocation platform provided an all-encompassing fleet management tool that was fully customisable and gave Arla full fleet visibility 24/7. The platform enabled Arla to increase their driver targets which boosted driver performance across the board and helped to reduce C02 emissions, dramatically increase the miles per gallon of all vehicles in the fleet, improve driver safety and increase fuel savings for the company.

Arla foods

“We work really closely with our drivers out on the road, and we have seen a number of really big improvements and the drivers have been really proactive in accelerating these improvements”

Richard Wilson

Inbound Logistics Director, Arla Foods

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Drivers see scores increase

With the support of AddSecure’s Verilocation platform, drivers have seen their scores increase which in turn has helped to introduce even more efficient driving habits. The Verilocation reporting suite has given Arla’s fleet managers the tools needed to regularly debrief drivers and to help them point out exactly where improvements can be made.

“We have seen massive improvements in driver behaviour over the past year. Drivers are really interested and engaged with the Verilocation system. Team leaders discuss driver performance on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. The operation has seen a major lift in MPG performance by 5% this has offered real gains for the business, a reduced carbon footprint and is making the operation far more sustainable”

Colin Glenn

Operations Manager

“In November 2020 we increased targets in the system which saw our average score drop from around 70 to the early 60s. At this point Verilocation use became part of the day job and two years on we are now beating the scores we were getting before the adjustment, with an average in the mid 80s”

Kate Trend

Project Manager IT Solutions

Arla Driver Of The Year Competition

Through the use of the Verilocation platform, the data provided has enabled Arla to introduce Driver Of The Month and Driver Of The Year awards with the Verilocation data providing a key  component in assessing driver performance.

It’s clear the difference that AddSecure’s Verilocation platform has made to Arla’s already successful fleet operation. Verilocation has enabled to Arla to set new targets and improve driver performance year on year which in turn means more sustainable operations, reduced fuel costs, improved safety and happier drivers.

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