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Get full control of the order-to-cash process for your transports.

For our customers, the core business is to transport goods. To do this in an optimal and competitive way, most companies need efficient processes and systems for Transport Management. We provide a modular solution that gives transport companies an easy way to increase competitiveness and reduce operational costs.

Continuously improve your transport business through data driven decisions

  • Implement a system solution that covers the whole order-to-cash process.
  • Let your organization make smart decisions based on real data, not “gut feelings”
  • Plan missions based on optimized routes and collect critical information from the field
  • For temperature sensitive goods, secure an unbroken cold chain from factory to store

Services within Transport Management


Get full control of your transports and let your drivers access up-to-date info about their missions.

Route Calculation

Optimize your fleet’s missions through route calculation

Temperature Monitoring amd Alarm

Ensure an unbroken cold chain thanks to permanent monitoring of the temperature of your goods.

Document Management

Make sure your drivers have access to the latest documents digitally in the vehicle.


  • Get full control of the order-to-cash process for your transports

  • Secure your drivers always have access to updated information

  • View the status of the missions in real time

  • Collect business critical info from the field (volumes, hours, etc.)

  • Offer proof of delivery to your customers (signatures)

  • eCMR (digital version of the European CMR standard) - option

Product Sheet: Missions

Route calculation

  • Easy-to use tool to calculate routes for your transports

  • Conditions, such as tolls and road limitations can be defined

  • Route suggestions between destinations based on truck attributes

  • Stop-based planning, with multiple routes, timing, driving instructions

  • Calculates the driving time and working hours needed for a mission

Product Sheet: Route Calculation

Temperature Monitoring

  • Reduce scrapped goods through securing an unbroken cold chain

  • Detect temperatures that deviate from set-points

  • Get a clear overview of temperatures in real time and historically

  • Clarify responsibilities if the cold chain has not been maintained

  • Make temperatures visible for drivers for immediate actions

Product Sheet: Temperature Monitoring and Alarm

Document Management

  • Avoid paper-based docs, simplify distribution and version control

  • Share files like loading instructions and handbooks with drivers

  • Use search to easily find and manage the documents

  • Add links so that documents can be shared in other services

  • Tag documents to make them searchable in the vehicle & office

Product Sheet: Document Management

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