Do you really think Santa is still using pen and paper?

We all know that Santa is very busy these days. What you may not know is that it is a long time since Santa stopped using pen and paper to successfully deliver all of those Christmas gifts! Instead, he now uses a cloud-based Transport Management System for the optimization of his deliveries.

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Reindeers are nothing compared to AddSecures Fleet Management Technologies.

Even Santa uses AddSecures Transport Management System!

With millions of gifts to deliver in one night even Santa needs a rest!

Mrs Claus has treated Santa to a new Breathalock system!

Everyone appreciates smart and secure solutions.

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Fleet Management Systems

To keep track of the elves, Santa is supported by his fleet management system that has also been connected to a breathalock alco-lock on the sleigh. Naturally, Santa and his reindeer need a rest every now and then, so he uses a pedagogic service to easily understand his Drive - and Resting Times. Santa can also improve his sleigh driving performance and increase safety thanks to his new onboard camera system! Be like Santa, ditch that pen and paper, and move to a new transport management system from AddSecure