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Location services

This location-based care service helps you ensure the safety and protect the life of your users both outside and in their homes. It is especially suitable for people with memory disorders as it includes a safety watch.

If you want to protect your users and ensure their safety outside of their homes, a location-based safety watch is a good solution. For people who are prone to get lost, for example people with memory disorders, a safety watch is a vital device. The safety watch can be used both to locate a lost person and to make two-way voice calls.

About location-based safety watches

A GPS safety watch is a wristwatch and a safety phone in one, that allows the user to locate their position within a few meters at best. The watch has a powerful loudspeaker and microphone for calling the Alarm Receiving Center. The watch also provides telephone functions that allow the user to call relatives. The watch is especially suitable for active elderly or for those who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

GPS tracking

Check the whereabouts of your users by calling the safety watch or using the GPS tracking system.

Call functionality

Users can also contact you, or the on-call Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) with the alarm function.

24 hour service

We care for your users around the clock. Our experienced care professionals respond to alarms and provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We care for your users around the clock

The Alarm Receiving Center is a service for elderly residents and special groups that provides a 24/7 assistance when needed. In case of an emergency alarm, the users are instantly connected to a care professional who assesses the situation and initiates the appropriate assistance and support. Our Smart Care Alarm Receiving Center already serves more than 200 municipalities in Finland.

Read more about the Alarm Receiving Center here!

Safety watches in short

  • A location-based safety watch is designed to secure the user at home and outdoors.
  • The Smart Care Alarm Receiving Center operates 24 hours a day and locates the user when needed.
  • The safety watch is splash and shower-proof, but we do not recommend immersing the watch in water or visiting the sauna with it on.
  • The GPS positioning accuracy varies from a few meters to few hundred meters depending on the strength of GPS signal.
  • In addition to positioning, the watch has a two-way voice connection and can be used as a phone.
  • Our safety watches are designed and made in Finland.

Setting the safety watch

  • The smart safety watch is delivered with predefined settings.
  • Open the package at home. The watch activates on first charge.
  • Place the appliance’s home beacon charger in a central location. Plug the charger into the electrical outlet, the charger will light blue.
  • If the package has mini beacons, set them evenly in the spaces where most time is spent. The mini beacons should be clearly visible and should not be placed behind furniture.
  • Do not remove the home beacon charger from the electrical outlet.
  • Charging of safety watch: Place the safety watch in the charger. The charger lights up red.
  • The safety watch is ready for use when the charger light changes to green.
  • Battery life depends on usage. The average duration estimate is 2 to 7 days.
  • We recommend that the users charge their safety watches one hour a day. If the battery runs out, it will take about two hours to fully charge.
  • The color of the light flashing on the watch display indicates the battery life. If the color is red, the watch should be charged immediately.

Using the safety watch

  • When the user needs help, they press and hold in the side button on the watch.
  • Then wait until the alarm is connected to the Alarm Receiving Center and the on-call service responds. The two-way voice connection opens automatically.
  • The safety watch has a powerful microphone and speaker, so there’s no need to lift the watch in front of the mouth.
  • The user calmly tells the Alarm Receiving Center representative why they are alerting and what has happened, and answers questions asked by the on-call representative.
  • If a safety watch accidentally alarms, the user should let the on-call representative know that they don’t need any assistance.