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The Smart Care Alarm Receiving Centre

Our experienced care professionals at the Smart Care Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) respond to alarms and provide assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We care for your users around the clock

The Smart Care Alarm Receiving Center is a service for elderly residents and special groups that provides a 24/7 assistance when needed. In case of a safety phone alarm, the user is instantly connected to a trained professional who assesses the situation and initiates the appropriate assistance and support.


How does it work?

When the user presses the alarm button, a voice connection to the Alarm Receiving is activated. The alert is always answered by an experienced care professional who will assess the situation and send help if needed. We serve around the clock, every day of the year.

Alerts are for unforeseen but non-urgent assistance!

If the user needs non-urgent assistant at home, the Alarm Receiving Centre Care professional will send a care provider to help in accordance with the model agreed with the user’s home county or with the user.

If the user needs urgent care or first aid, the task is referred to the 112-emergency center.

Over 1.3 million calls a year

  • The Alarm Receiving Centre serves customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Smart Care solutions are used by 200 municipalities throughout Finland, and in 2021 more than 1.3 million calls were made to our Alarm Receiving Center.
  • Depending on the municipality calls and alarms from the Smart Care solutions are the responsibility of the municipality's own home care, a partner of the users’ choice, an AddSecure care provider, or a partner of AddSecure's choice.

Who are the AddSecure helpers?

All our helpers are trained professionals, who, in addition to social and health education, are continuously trained in client-facing and customer-service skills, first aid and lifting training.

Overall, 100% of the care services coming through the Alarm Receiving Center are performed by a social and health care professional, such as a nurse practitioner.

In total, approximately 25 000 Smart Care services are performed per month through the Alarm Receiving Center.

The most common tasks carried out by the helpers are lifting assistance, transfer assistance, and posturing the user. Certain tasks, such as changing catheter bags, must not be performed by AddSecure representatives or through our partners, regardless of training, as the Smart Care solutions are not a substitute for nursing services.


Smart Care is reliable complement

The AddSecure Smart Care solutions are to be viewed as a complement to, not a substitute for home medical treatment and nursing. At AddSecure Smart Care, we take customer and patient safety and privacy seriously. The social services we provide are supervised by the Regional State Administrative Agencies.