AddSecure 8-Channel MDVR

8-channel mobile DVR with HDD storage, GPS and 4G connectivity.

The AddSecure 8-Channel MDVR is a high-performance mobile Digital Video Recorder, boasting 8 AHD camera input channels as well as 4 IP camera channels. The perfect in-vehicle solution for quality recording and monitoring.

Supporting up to 2TB HDD video and 256GB SD card storage, the AddSecure 8-Channel MDVR also comes complete with built-in 4G connectivity and GPS features.

Key Features

  • Supports 8 channels (expandable to 12)

  • 1080p resolution

  • 4G functionality

  • 2TB HDD Storage

  • 12V & 24C compatible (8-36V input)

  • Built-in 3x-axis G-sensor

  • Lockable media storage to protect data

  • Alarms for incident alerts, speed, acceleration, video loss, temperature

  • Modern, ruggedised metal housing