Johanna Giorgi new chair of Tech Sweden’s Sustainability Council

When Giorgi takes over next year, she wants to highlight both the opportunities and challenges of the digitalization.

AddSecure’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Johanna Giorgi, will take over the chair of Tech Sweden’s Sustainability Council next year. The council works actively both to promote the tech industry as an enabler of sustainable development for society as a whole and to develop the industry’s own sustainability work. The ambition is to be the unified voice of the entire tech industry in the field of sustainability.

“I am very honoured by the appointment and look forward to the mission. As I see it, the Sustainability Council has two main tasks: to monitor issues that are important to its members, and to highlight the opportunities of digitalization, i.e., to show what we can achieve using digital solutions and how we can contribute to better social development,” says Johanna Giorgi.

“At the same time the Sustainability Council must also highlight the industry’s challenges, such as information security and the use of resources and energy,” Johanna continues.

Frida Faxborn, Business Policy Expert and Head of the Sustainability Council at Tech Sweden is looking forward to working closely with Johanna Giorgi as chair.

“Johanna has a broad background and expertise and a great ability to see the big picture. Given the breadth and horizontal nature of sustainability issues, this is of utmost importance. Her commitment to sustainable development will benefit the entire Council’s activities.

Johanna Giorgi has extensive experience in IT and societal issues and has, prior to joining AddSecure, worked at both the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Development and Microsoft.

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