AddSecure and Santa Claus deliver this year’s presents smarter and faster – in new digital campaign

In a new digital Christmas campaign, AddSecure is helping Santa deliver millions of Christmas gifts around the world with smart transport and fleet management solutions.

Over the past four years, AddSecure has acquired seven different companies in Europe that provide solutions for Fleet and Transport Management to companies in the transport and logistics industry. To create awareness about this rapid expansion and its smart, secure, and efficient solutions, AddSecure has launched a social media Christmas campaign where Santa Claus discovers and highlights the benefits of AddSecure’s Smart Transport solutions.

The digital campaign features five episodes each with different themes, such as, one where Santa uses AddSecure’s solutions to find the best route to his destination, one to manage driving and resting times and another where he uses AddSecure’s anti-drink-driving solution Breathalock for safer and more secure driving. The first episode was launched on December 8 on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and the campaign will be running until the end of December.

“This is a brand-new way for us at AddSecure to communicate about our offering. The campaign has become very popular on social media since its launch with high engagement. Already in the first week, the films were shown over 100,000 times. The ambition of the short films is to make the Smart Transport solutions easy to understand and to raise awareness of what we offer – and hopefully along the way contribute to a smile and Christmas spirit in an entertaining way, says Johan Stråkander, Marketing Director Smart Transport at AddSecure.

Read about the campaign and learn more about what solutions Santa uses here.