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Maximize the potential of your trailers

Most of our customers use trailers in their daily operations. To optimize their use of trailers, and to reduce operational costs, they use our solution for Trailer Management to get full control..

Get smart insights about your trailers to optimize operations and save costs

  • Position your trailers in real time, track previous trips and get alerts through geofences
  • For temperature sensitive goods, secure an unbroken cold chain from factory to store
  • Easy installation and full autonomy: the solution is independent of the truck
  • Make the temperature in the trailer visible for the driver in the cabin for immediate actions
  • Gather automatically your KPIs and get insights through productivity reports

Services within Trailer Management

Trailer Positioning

Position your vehicles and assets in real time, track previous trips and get alerts through geofences.

Temperature Monitoring and Alarm

Ensure an unbroken cold chain thanks to permanent monitoring of the temperature of your goods.

Automatic Trailer Coupling

Automatic pairing of your trailers to the right truck using artificial intelligence

AAddSecure Co-Driver Weboffice

Trailer Positioning

  • Get an overview and full control of all your resources in one map

  • Gain essential data to analyse your transport activities

  • Easily track vehicles any selected time period

  • Minimize waiting times through alerts from geofences

  • Provide transparency to your customers via the positioning service

Product Sheet: Positioning

Temperature monitoring and Alarm

  • Secure an unbroken cold chain from factory to store.

  • Detect early abnormal temperatures and reduce scrapped goods

  • Get a clear overview of temperatures in real time and historically

  • Analyze what happened and the responsibility

  • Make temperatures visible for drivers for immediate actions

Product Sheet: Temperature Monitoring and Alarm

Automatic Trailer Coupling

  • Automatic coupling of your trailers to the right truck

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Tracking view of the trailer

  • Detailed reports of the automatic coupling with driver, vehicle and coupling informations

Product Sheet: AddSecure Asset Pro

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