Go digital in the Corona era

“To reduce the risk of contamination, we must find ways to minimize – or even eliminate – the need to handle paper."

Transport companies providing food delivery, supporting agriculture, and collecting recycling bins are, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, still very active, according to a survey conducted by the French AddSecure Smart Transport team.

In many cases, social distancing for the driver isn’t possible, since there’s a lot of paperwork, such as waybills, to be signed manually.

To reduce the risk of contamination, we must find ways to minimize – or even eliminate – the need to handle the paper. This is why AddSecure Smart Transport has launched its new digital e-CMR and Document Management solutions,” says David Pouchart, Global Services Operations Manager at AddSecure Smart Transport.

The electronic version of a CMR document is accessible through a fixed screen, Android phone, or tablet, and it allows the driver to fill out the necessary information related to every stage of the mission through a series of automated steps. On delivery, the driver and consignee both sign the document electronically. e-CMR automatically records the GPS location and time at which each step is completed. In the event of an inspection, the e-CMR, which is stored electronically in an easy-to-access digital format, can easily be downloaded using a QR code.

“e-CMR is a user-friendly, hassle-free alternative to the large volumes of paperwork that truck drivers have had to handle up to now,” continues David Pouchart. “Not only does it free drivers from having to keep track of all these documents, but it also eliminates the safety risks of physically handling paper for both the delivery person and recipient – a growing concern in this day and age.”

In addition to protecting the drivers, digitalization has many other benefits for transport companies. Some typical benefits are

  • Reduced administration: Manual work processes that are time-consuming can be simplified or automatized, examples are Handling of legal files, Social Management and Drive and resting Times
  • Higher service level: Through sharing positions of the fleet, end-customers can get updated on arrival times and the status of their deliveries
  • Data-driven decisions: Business-critical data can automatically be gathered, compiled, and used as basis for both operational and strategic decisions.


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Antoine Baron

Director of Information Systems, Groupe Samat:

After the successful implementation of the AddSecure tablets in our fleet, the digitalization projects for the Samat Group continue with the launch of the e-CMR and Document Management projects.  The objective is to continue to improve the reliability of our exchanges with our customers, our logistics partners, and our drivers. In addition, with the Covid-19 crisis, the need to know how to manage the "Zero Paper" option has been added. This last point undoubtedly accelerates dematerialization projects and reinforces the Samat Group in its choice of digitalization” Antoine Baron, Director of Information Systems, Groupe Samat.