Fleet Asset Tracking: Enhancing Security and Efficiency for Your Fleet

Monitor your fleet

Do you manage a large fleet of HGVs or a smaller fleet of sales vans or vehicles? Is your business being hit by sky-rocketing costs for:

  • Fuel?
  • Insurance?
  • Vehicle maintenance or replacement?
  • Congestion charges

The good news is that recent developments in Asset Tracking technology have made these issues far easier to monitor and manage. Thanks to Asset tracking hardware and software, monitoring the location and utilization of your vehicles and trailers is now easier than it’s ever been before.

Fleet Asset Tracking – More Than Just Vehicle Security

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the only reason to use business vehicle tracking devices is for enhanced security. While it’s true that installing advanced tracking devices in your fleet can act as a deterrent against theft or vandalism, it can also increase the chances of swift recovery in case of theft.

However, if you manage vehicle fleets covering national and international routes, the benefits of Fleet Asset Tracking extend well beyond vehicle security.

Staff Safety

Of course, it’s basic common sense to know exactly where your vehicles, trailers, and other expensive equipment are located at any point in the day. Thanks to the adaptability of modern tracking devices, you can even install specialist tech on farm machinery and off-road vehicles in warehouse operations.

This provides your central control point with detailed information on every asset’s location, around the clock and with unfailing accuracy. No more dependence on the inconsistent vagaries of human feedback!

The benefits of commercial vehicle tracking also include far greater transparency and control over the movements of your drivers. You will know exactly where they are in real time, and you can support them with better-informed decision-making.

This makes fulfilling your Health and Safety (H&S) obligations far easier too.

Fleet Route Management and Tracking

Asset tracking improves fleet route management in other ways as well, including helping you find ways to manage fuel costs. You can also schedule essential maintenance tasks and manage vehicle lifecycles more effectively.

To remain competitive, you need to ensure that your fleet is on the road and meeting your business targets as efficiently and consistently as possible.

Having asset tracking devices installed in your vehicles makes this far easier. When you can consistently map your fleet’s movements, you can save time and effort. This can potentially lead to significant business improvements and better fleet deployment strategies.

Feedback to Your Clients

In some fleet management situations, having round-the-clock “eyes” on your vehicles is a crucial part of your customer service. If you move goods, plant, or materials around under contract, being able to provide up-to-the-minute location information for road haulage loads can be vital.

Offering customers relevant, live updates on the expected time of arrival of your vehicles will give you a vital competitive edge, especially when dealing with retail, engineering, or manufacturing companies that need time-sensitive loads delivered.

AddSecure Asset Tracking – The Go-To Asset Tracking Platform

Clients love our asset tracking system. Combined with our fleet telematics devices, it is adaptable and easy to use.

Our system has an open interface that integrates seamlessly and can be integrated with most third-party devices like cooling systems, concrete mixers, trailers, etc. Thanks to its API, it can also be integrated with third-party visibility platforms like Project 44 and Shippeo.

The AddSecure asset tracking system is truly the go-to platform in the transport sector. It’s the flexibility and simplicity of our system that inspired one of our clients to call it “the Trello of asset tracking”!

Find out more about the positive impact asset tracking can make on your business, and get in touch today!