5 Reasons why an Alcohol Interlock device should be present in company vehicles

The AddSecure Breathalock anti-drink-driving system

Driving under the influence is still an issue, even today in 2021. We do not need to explain the huge risks that can follow this behaviour, and indeed the potential consequences. For companies who employ drivers, be them an HGV driver, delivery driver, or taxi driver, an anti-drink driving policy must be in place. Failure to intervene could cost a company its reputation. However, compared with what could be lost, it is a small price to pay.

Because drink-driving accidents still affect thousands of people every year, we strongly believe that Alcohol Interlock systems should become commonplace. Having this as a standard procedure amongst drivers of company vehicles could reduce risk on the road. Moreover, the universal nature of the issue, and our solution, means any company or industry with vehicles can do their bit to prevent drink-driving-related accidents.

Enter, the Breathalock solution. An Alcohol Interlock system that is fully integrated with our telematics software, and literally immobilizes a vehicle if the driver fails a breath test. Below are five reasons why Alcohol Interlock technology can save lives, while positively impacting the companies who use it.

1. Put a stop to drink-drinking in your fleet

Any responsible company will have a no-drink-driving policy in place to protect employees and the public alike. In the UK there is a legal drink-driving limit. So, people can legally drive after consuming some alcohol, (35 micrograms of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is the maximum limit) which can become problematic. Most can acknowledge the difference between driving after one drink and being completely drunk. However sometimes if people are driving the next day after drinking heavily, or after 2-3 drinks, they may not appreciate how much the alcohol is still impeding their driving ability.

Because of this, many companies adopt a zero-tolerance policy. Furthermore, companies with vehicles that require additional training to operate safely may take extra precautions. HGV drivers, for example, operate heavy-duty vehicles, which can cause a great deal of damage if involved in an accident. Likewise, coach and taxi drivers are responsible for their passenger’s safety, with double-decker buses able to carry up to 100 people. Thus, from a company perspective, safety is the most important thing, and an accident caused from ‘one too many’ simply is not worth the risk.

2. Breathalock can be installed in any vehicle

AddSecure Breathalock is available as either a tethered or portable device. So, the solution really does cater to your fleet’s specific needs and business model. Also, the hardware is simple to install. Therefore, many different company types and industries can benefit. Installation is possible in a range of vehicles. Including HGVs, cars, vans, and coaches.

This makes Breathalock a very far-reaching solution, applicable to any industry where employees drive a company vehicle. So, whichever vehicle type your company predominantly uses, Breathalock is possible to install. Simply pair with the hardware of your choice and you are set!

3. Easy to use with instant results

The device works in the same way as any other breathalyzer. Simply blow to give your breath sample and wait for the result. The results are quick to process, and the device’s screen will display either a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ result.

The results of your team’s breath samples will be available to view from your platform. Furthermore, failure notifications instantly inform you should anyone be over the limit to drive. You can receive these notifications either via email or SMS message.

4. Protect your staff, the public, and your company

AddSecure Breathalock is hardwired directly into the vehicle’s engine. This means should a breath sample fail, the vehicle will be immobilised and the driver will have to wait for a certain amount of time before they can try again. This ensures that your drivers are safe on the road, and the chances of drink-driving-related accidents are reduced. The immobilisation feature protects other road users, but also your company’s reputation from a drink-driving incident.

Our solution comes with certified tamper-proof technology, so you know you are protected from false readings and only genuine breath samples will be recorded. The Breathalock solution also has customizable thresholds. So, each company can decide what they deem to be a safe limit, within the limits of the law.

5. Fully integrates with our other solutions

While you can benefit from the Breathalock solution as a standalone product, we highly recommend it is used alongside our other solutions. The AddSecure Breathalock is very universal, and can be integrated with our other products, including multi-camera systems, vehicle tracking and driver performance monitoring. For example, if your vehicle has a driver-facing camera, you have an extra layer of reassurance that no false breath tests or samples from someone other than the driver are carried out.

Driver identification integration also gives you visibility of your team out on the road, providing you with live and historic breath sample data. From here you can run reports and analyze patterns of behaviour within your fleet. Overall, the safety and protection of people should take priority. Which if your company uses vehicles to conduct its work, involves preventing drink-driving as much as possible.