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Menzies Distribution finds safety & security with AddSecure

With over 135,000 miles driven each day by the fleet, Menzies Distribution has chosen to implement AddSecure’s latest Verilocation vehicle CCTV system as part of its ongoing commitment to duty of care.

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Operating across 50 depots throughout the UK, Menzies Distribution will be deploying the market-leading integrated CCTV system as part of a new driver training and safety programme. The four-camera solution will provide 360degree vehicle coveragalongside an in-cab monitor to enable safe reversing. The onboard hardware will be connected to AddSecure’s Verilocation platform via a 1 TB digital video recorder, which will enable both live video streaming and remote download of footage.  

- The safety and security of our staff and vehicles are of paramount importance to us. While a key aim of this investment is also to help reduce insurance liability, we fully recognise our corporate and social responsibility and by monitoring driving standards we can improve both them and the overall perception of Menzies Distribution. - Lee Anderson, Transport & Asset Manager, Menzies Distribution

Lee Anderson also added, “It was imperative that we utilised a system that was reliable and proven in the field. In the everchanging world of logistics, we required a product that would adapt to challenges we face. We chose the Verilocation vehicle CCTV system because of its fresh thinking approach and we were impressed with the future proofing of the hardware, enabling us to look at other streams in the future such as their advanced driver-assistance systems. 

- This is another great win for AddSecure and follows a number of other significant contract wins throughout this past year. We are proud to be recognised as a market-leading provider of integrated vehicle CCTV systems, with over 100 million hours of reliable operation. - Andrew Overton, VP Smart Transport UK, AddSecure


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