AddSecure TAB

AddSecure's Tethered Alcohol Breathalyser.

With 1 in 8 road deaths in the UK involving a driver over the drink-drive limit, can you risk your fleet contributing to this statistic?Protect your fleet against drink driving with AddSecure’s market-leading Tethered Alcohol Breathalyser solution.

An advanced solution for businesses looking to proactively manage the safety of their fleet, the TAB is a fully integrated solution, combining a hard-wired alcohol ignition interlock device, an online web platform for real-time alerting and reporting purposes.

Hard-wired direct into the engine’s ignition system, the TAB comes with in-built immobilisation technology designed to prevent the vehicle from starting in the event of a failed breathalyser reading. Any failed readings result in an instant SMS and/or email alert and complete engine immobilisation. With completely configurable pass/fail thresholds, the TAB can accommodate any company policy level; from ‘zero tolerance’ to the legal limit.


Key features

  • Configurable BrAC Thresholds

  • Instant SMS/Email Failure Alerting

  • Tamperproof Technology

  • Fully Integrated Telematics Platform


AddSecure TAB