EA-RS Group and AddSecure form partnership

AddSecure strengthens market presence with strategic partnership: Welcomes EA-RS Group as new valued customer.

In a move to enhance operational efficiency, compliance and driver well-being, EA-RS Group, a leading national fire engineering and life safety solutions business, has announced their recent partnership with AddSecure, a leading European provider of secure IoT connectivity and end-to-end solutions, including advanced fleet management solutions.

Having experienced substantial organic growth in recent years through a series of strategic acquisitions, the fire-safety specialists sought a comprehensive fleet tracking solution to navigate the complexities of managing their rapidly expanding fleet. AddSecure’s fleet management solution offered EA-RS a single-platform approach, which will eventually consolidate the management of over 200 service engineers. This unified system not only improves operational efficiency but also plays a crucial role in ensuring the timely delivery of their 24/7 life safety services, aligning seamlessly with the company’s national delivery plans and stringent KPIs.

A key feature of the solution is the flexibility provided by AddSecure. James Brown, Managing Director of EA-RS Group Service, emphasised the significance of a long-term partnership and flexibility within the agreement:

“AddSecure provided a ‘call-off framework agreement’, enabling EA-RS to scale the number of tracking units as our previous supplier agreements end, without the need to reset the contract. This adaptability allows EA-RS to meet the evolving demands of our expanding fleet without disruptions.”

Martin Saxton, Fleet Manager at EA-RS Group, shed light on the innovative features and objectives of the newly introduced system.

“Our primary focus is on improving overall operational efficiency, from scheduling and routing to driver performance analysis. This system enables us to delve deep into driver behaviours, allowing us to highlight both commendable and problematic aspects. By understanding these nuances, we can offer constructive feedback and rewards, fostering a culture of improvement within our driver community,” said Saxton.

The recently integrated system is geared towards addressing poor driving behaviours that contribute to escalated maintenance and fuel costs. Saxton emphasises, “Our goal is to drill down into the details, identify trends, and understand why certain drivers excel while others face challenges. This data-driven approach enables us to create actionable plans for improvement, resulting in enhanced financial performance and operational efficiency.”

The implementation of this fleet management system marks a significant step towards EA-RS Group’s commitment to providing a safer and more productive working environment for its drivers. By leveraging advanced telematics and data analytics, the company aims to not only optimise its fleet but also to contribute to driver well-being and job satisfaction.

Martin Saxton elaborated on the broader impact, stating, “We are not just a growing business; we are a responsible one. Our fleet is the backbone of our operations, and by using data to refine scheduling, address driver concerns, and ensure compliance, we are not only improving efficiency but also creating a positive work environment.”

Paul Lawrence, Managing Director of AddSecure Smart Transport UK, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Our collaboration with EA-RS Group is not just about technology; it’s about future-proofing our customer’s operations.”

As transport businesses continue to navigate the challenges of an evolving digital landscape, AddSecure remains steadfast in its mission to provide robust, reliable, and secure fleet management solutions that empower fleets to achieve their operational goals with confidence.

For more information about AddSecure and its range of fleet management solutions, please visit www.addsecure.com.