Arrow Group invest in multi-camera solution from AddSecure Smart Transport

Thanks to the AddSecure Smart Transport multi-camera solution the Arrow Group maintain FORS Silver award and become DVS compliant. The company also benefit from operating a smarter, safer, and more efficient fleet.

AddSecure Smart Transport UK today announces a new customer win for its multi-camera solution. Arrow Group are manufacturers and wholesalers of workplace furniture and accessories. Based in Suffolk, the United Kingdom, the family run business delivers their premium products both nationwide and internationally, including Formetiq® office furniture and Metalicon® accessories. Operating from London, Lowestoft, and Sheffield, Arrow Group own a mixed fleet of vehicles ranging from company cars to LCV’s and HGV’s.

With a growing fleet of vehicles, Arrow Group came to market looking for a multi-camera offering for three reasons. Firstly, they required a solution that would ensure compliance to the TfL Direct Vision Standard and maintains FORS Silver compliance for delivering to customer sites. Secondly, it was important to select an integrated solution that combined vehicle tracking and telemetry in order to maintain high customer service levels. Finally, increasing safety and reducing risk is paramount to Arrow Group, they needed a high-quality dash cam and tracking system that could encourage professional driving standards and protect their drivers in the event of insurance claims.

Roy Pallister, Facilities Manager, Arrow Group commented: “After an incredibly disappointing experience with another market offering, we were very pleased to find the AddSecure Smart Transport solution. We were also relieved that our experience has been the complete opposite. From the beginning, their full multi-camera solution has exceeded our expectations, from the quick turn around with implementation to the hands-on customer service and account management, AddSecure have been attentive and prompt throughout. It was a flawless experience.”

“The AddSecure Smart Transport multi-camera solution does exactly what we need it to do. If an incident has occurred, we have been able to pin-point the exact time and location of the incident, access the video remotely, and watch high quality footage within minutes. The whole process is so simple and intuitive, and the platform gives us the level of detail we need. From the speed to the detail of the impact, it is all there.”

“The combination of driver performance data and the online reports suite enables us to implement consistent driver training and debriefing. For us to be able to proactively monitor driving styles, and address and correct risky habits, such as speeding, is absolutely invaluable to our fleet management.”

Andrew Overton, VP for Smart Transport UK commented: “Today, fleet operators deserve a fleet management solution that enables compliance, improves driver behaviour and provides total visibility whilst their drivers are out on the road. AddSecure’s Verilocation platform provides a fully integrated telematics and multi-camera system that is easy to use and grows with the user’s needs. I look forward to seeing Arrow Group benefit from operating a smarter, safer and more efficient fleet.”