AddSecure strengthens its European position by introducing Smart Alarms to France

AddSecure is introducing Smart Alarm to France and has recruited Pierre-Emmanuel Ogé as new Sales Manager.

AddSecure is now establishing their Smart Alarms business offering in France. To lead the venture, AddSecure has recruited Pierre-Emmanuel Ogé as Sales Manager.

AddSecure, a leading European provider of premium solutions for secure critical communications and data, is now continuing their European expansion by introducing their Smart Alarms business offering to France. Prior to Smart Alarms, AddSecure already had established their Smart Transports business offering in France, a country where there is currently high demand for securing critical communications and data.

The AddSecure Smart Alarms division has identified a growing demand for a reliable and certified migration solution for fire and intrusion alarms in France, as the era of the PSTN is swiftly ending and being replaced by All-IP networks. To lead the expansion, AddSecure has recruited the new Sales Manager Pierre-Emmanuel Ogé, who has a background from working at companies such as Securitas Alert Service and Geoprotech.

“The AddSecure Smart Alarms market offering does not only bring great technology but is also committed to provide first class commercial and technical advice and support. I am happy to join AddSecure, one of Europe’s leading companies in secure data and critical communications”, says Sales Manager Pierre-Emmanuel Ogé.

AddSecure’s International Sales Director Wim Harthoorn sees the recruitment of Pierre-Emmanuel as an important step to further strengthen the company’s position in the competitive European market. 

“We look forward to further establish our Smart Alarms offering in Europe together with new Sales Manager Pierre-Emmanuel Ogé. Going into the digital market for smart alarms is a logical next step to support our ambition and suits our expertise in alarm transmission and emergency services solutions”, says Wim Harthoorn, International Sales Director, AddSecure.

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