AddSecure publishes its first sustainability report

AddSecure publishes its first sustainability report as part of the company’s commitment to sustainability. The report sheds light on how the company and its IoT solutions contribute to a safer and smarter world.

Internet of things (IoT) has a transformative impact on society. IT-based smart solutions help lower emissions, improve well-being, and optimize the use of resources. As sensor-based and internet-connected devices multiply, they will handle even more life- and business-critical applications. By securing data and critical communications, AddSecure contributes to society’s sustainable transformation.

In the report “Making the world a safer and smarter place”, AddSecure presents its impact on the environment and society at large. The report focuses on the company’s achievements in 2020 as well as strategies and ambitious goals for the future.

“Sustainability forms the basis for everything we do. It’s about the sustainable impact we can create for our customers through our secure and smart IoT solutions. Publishing AddSecure’s first sustainability report is an important milestone for the company. We have also integrated our sustainability goals as crucial elements of our overall strategy and vision. We still have a lot to accomplish, but I am proud that we can share how we contribute to a safer and smarter world,” says Stefan Albertsson, CEO of AddSecure.

In 2020, AddSecure made several important steps in its sustainability work. Among others, the company appointed its first Chief Sustainability Officer, established an overall sustainability strategy, and identified five strategic focus areas.

“We have made great progress in 2020 and have ambitious objectives that we present in the sustainability report. We aim to be climate neutral and achieve zero waste by 2025. We embrace diversity as we consider it key for innovation and our commitment to deliver safe data. Sustainability is part of our overall growth strategy and we have an ambitious agenda to follow,“ says Johanna Giorgi, Chief Sustainability Officer at AddSecure.

AddSecure was awarded a Silver EcoVadis Medal in May 2021 which is further proof of the company’s progress with its sustainability efforts.

The Sustainability Report is available on AddSecure’s website.