AddSecure named “excellent, attractive, and sustainable employer”

For the second year in a row, Swedish Nyckeltalsinstitutet ranks AddSecure among the top 10 percent best companies in the IT industry – according to the institute’s Attractive Employer Index®.

AddSecure, a leading European provider of premium IoT solutions with a focus on secure critical communications and data, has achieved excellent results in Nyckeltalsinstitutet’s Attractive Employer Index® 2021 and is established as an excellent, attractive, and sustainable employer in the IT industry.

Nyckeltalsinstitutet, the Institute of Human Resource Indicators, annually acknowledges the most attractive, equal, and health-promoting employers in Sweden. Achieved with the help of key figures, which are comparable over time, between different companies and industries. This year’s survey is based on statistics collected during 2020 from approximately 350 companies and organizations, where the working conditions among over 600,000 employees have been reviewed. AddSecure ranks better than, or as well as other companies in the IT industry in all areas.

“At AddSecure, we constantly strive to build an inclusive organization with a focus on culture and our company core values. It is fantastic that we continue to be recognized as an attractive employer and that we also stand out in the IT industry. This is a position we will continue to work to preserve,” says Liljana Vall, Chief People and Culture at AddSecure.

In line with the company’s extensive expansion and growth journey in recent years, AddSecure has directed full focus on remaining an attractive employer. The purpose of joining Nyckeltalsinstitutet in 2018 was to be able to continuously compare itself with different players in the industry. This has worked and continues to function as a driving force in the aspiration to create a long-term attractive and excellent workplace.