AddSecure named a top employer in the IT industry

For the third year in a row, AddSecure stands out as an excellent, attractive, and sustainable employer - and is among the best top ten percent of companies in the industry. This according to Nyckeltalsinstitutets Attractive Employer Index®.

AddSecure AB is once again titled “Excellent Employer” in the Swedish organization Nyckeltalsinstitutets annual mapping of the prevailing working conditions in the sector. The measurement is based on data from 2021, generated from more than 600 000 employees’ working conditions in 350 companies in Sweden.

The Attractive Employer Index category includes factors such as tenure, average salary, equal career opportunities, skills development, overtime, and sick leave. AddSecure ranks better than, or as good as, other IT companies in all areas. 

“In recent years, we have faced challenges such as a global pandemic, which has put working environments and the way we work to the test. The IT industry is also changing rapidly, especially with the digitalization. The fact that we continue to be titled an attractive employer is a testament to our strong company culture and clear employee engagement”, says Liljana Vall, Chief People & Culture Officer at AddSecure.

Over the past five years, AddSecure has grown from 125 employees in Sweden and Norway, to 1 000 employees in 15 countries.

“At AddSecure, we are growing rapidly, and the measurements give us a clear picture of how we are developing in terms of working conditions over time. We get the opportunity to compare ourselves with others in the industry and we can drive our work for an inclusive and sustainable corporate culture forward,” says Liljana Vall. 

In February 2022, AddSecure was also awarded a bronze medal for its “One company, one culture” initiative during the Magnet Awards, a non-profit project that organizes the annual Employer Branding Championships.

About Nyckeltalsinstitutet’s survey
AddSecure has been part of the institute’s systematic surveys and measurements since 2018. Each year, Nyckeltalsinstitutet examines which employers offer the most attractive, equal and health-promoting working conditions in Sweden. The results are based on collected statistics from 2021 from more than 600,000 employees’ actual working conditions, from 350 companies and organizations. According to Nyckeltalsinstitutet’s Attractive Employer Index®, AddSecure AB is among the top 10 percent companies in the industry.