AddSecure launches innovative AI powered video telematics solution for detecting driver fatigue with DMS and ADAS

Improved road safety and and the prevention of accidents are just some of the benefits.

AddSecure, a leading provider of secure IoT connectivity and end-to-end solutions, has announced the launch of a cutting-edge AI-powered video telematics solution designed to detect driver fatigue based on DMS (Driver Monitoring System) and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) technology. The company’s latest offering promises to revolutionize road safety by helping fleet operators monitor driver behavior and prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue.

The AddSecure AI-powered video telematics solution employs a combination of DMS and ADAS technology to monitor driver behavior and detect signs of fatigue. The system utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze driver data and detect patterns of fatigue, such as yawning, nodding, and head drooping. The system also alerts drivers in real-time, warning them to take a break or rest, preventing accidents caused by drowsy driving.

The AI-powered video telematics solution is a significant breakthrough in road safety, as driver fatigue is a major cause of road accidents worldwide. The system helps fleet operators ensure that their drivers are alert and attentive, reducing the risk of accidents caused by driver fatigue. The system also helps fleet operators comply with regulations that require them to monitor driver behavior and take appropriate action to prevent accidents.

Commenting on the launch, Ulrika Allén, VP Product & Technology Smart Transport, AddSecure said: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative AI-powered video telematics solution. This cutting-edge technology will help fleet operators ensure that their drivers are safe on the road by detecting signs of fatigue and alerting drivers to take a break. We are confident that our latest offering will revolutionize road safety and help prevent accidents caused by drowsy driving.”

The AddSecure AI-powered video telematics solution is designed to be easy to install and use. The system includes a forward facing camera for external recording, a second camera that is used to detect driver fatigue or distraction and a R-Watch unit, which displays and triggers alerts in the cabin. The system also includes a cloud-based platform that allows fleet operators to monitor driver behavior and receive alerts in real-time. In the event of an incident, the company manager or operator is informed of the event by an alert on the portal, by SMS and by e-mail. The saved video and data can be used to create a driver rating table and provide post-event evaluation or personalised training. The system can be customized to meet the specific needs of fleet operators and will be integrated with AddSecure’s other telematics solutions, offering a “one-stop-shop” for fleet management. The solution is certified as GDPR compliant by TÜV Rheinland.

In addition to detecting driver fatigue, the AddSecure AI-powered video telematics solution also offers a range of other features designed to improve road safety. The system can detect distracted driving, such as mobile phone use, smoking, and lane departure, and can also monitor driver behavior, such as harsh braking and acceleration. The system also provides real-time feedback to drivers, helping them to improve their driving skills and reduce the risk of accidents.

The launch of the AddSecure AI-powered video telematics solution is a major milestone for the company and the road safety industry as a whole. The system promises to help fleet operators reduce the risk of accidents caused by driver fatigue and improve road safety for all road users. The company’s latest offering is a testament to its commitment to innovation and its mission to create a safer, smarter and more connected world.